Nicole Luellen Bio

(YouTuber Star)

Birthday: August 23, 2000 (Virgo)

Born In: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Nicole Luellen Schmeiser is an American YouTuber, who became well-known as a regular performer on the popular ‘SevenSuperGirls’ channel. The channel was started in 2007 and currently has over 8 million subscribers. Before joining ‘SevenSuperGirls’, she was featured on ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ and ‘SevenCoolTweens’. Apart from these, Nicole has her own personal channel from 2010 titled ‘Purplecupcake031’ where she intermittently posts videos. In her journey at the ‘SevenSuperGirls’ channel, she has collaborated with other social media stars such as Jazzy Anne, Katherine SSG, and Jenna Arend. Nicole’s elder sisters Hope Sarah-Marie and Grace are also famous YouTubers and they help Nicole shoot her videos. After graduating from school recently, Nicole switched to the ‘SevenFabulousTeens’ channel. Her Instagram account, where she regularly posts photographs of her family and activities, boasts over 145k followers. She is currently studying and wishes to become an actor.

Quick Facts

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females


siblings: Grace, Hope Sarah-Marie, Madeleine

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Ohio

Rise to Fame
Nicole Luellen wasn’t the first in her family to make it big on YouTube. Her sister Hope Sarah-Marie was well-known for being a part of the SevenGymnasticGirls channel. Nicole made her first appearance on YouTube when she was seen in ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ and ‘SevenCoolTweens’. After this, she moved on to the ‘SevenFabulousTweens’ channel where she was a regular. Her prank videos and spooky stories were popular with the audience. She later became a part of the popular ‘SevenSuperGirls’ channel which boasts a high subscriber count of 8 million. Her most popular videos on the SevenSuperGirls account are ‘Nicole & The Weird Illness’ with 1.8 million views and ‘Nicole's Snow White Disaster!’ with 8.5 million views. She travelled with other SSG members for several ‘Meet & Greet’ events across the U.S. Nicole also started her own personal channel ‘Purplecupcake031’ in 2010 but does not post frequently there.
She recently made the switch to ‘SevenFabulousTeens’, despite it being a less popular channel. She has started filming on her own and it was natural for her to move on as she is starting college. Apart from this, Nicole is also present on Twitter and Instagram. Her Instagram account boasts a follower count of 145k followers. Though she’s not very active on twitter, she still has 11k followers. She recently graduated from school and went on a cruise to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic for a vacation. She plans to continue working on YouTube and intends to learn to film and edit her own videos.
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Personal Life
Nicole Luellen Schmeiser was born on August 23, 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her hobbies include playing soccer and tennis, watching TV shows, and eating ice-cream. She recently started drawing and painting and has dedicated a separate Instagram account to document her art. When asked if she ever had a boyfriend, Nicole said that she hasn’t dated anybody yet and thinks that most boys are afraid to approach her because she is famous. Nicole has confessed to being obsessed with hair bows and often sports them in her photographs and videos. Though she loves to read, she very rarely finds time to sit down with a book. She currently lives with her family in Ohio and has two pets: Wilbur the cat and Sam the dog.
Her middle name ‘Luellen’ is an amalgamation made from the names of her great grandmothers. She is very proud of this name.
Her YouTube name ‘Purplecupcake031’ was random and not something she chose. She couldn’t open a YouTube account in her system and decided to use her neighbor’s account as her channel. The channel was already named ‘Purplecucpcake031’ and she decided to stick with it.

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