Nia Pickering Bio

(British Instagrammer)

Birthday: August 16, 1997 (Leo)

Born In: England

Age: 26 Years

Nia Pickering is a rising social media personality and YouTube content creator who first gained attention for her relationship with YouTuber Mark Upson. With over 30,000 Instagram followers, she has established herself as a popular figure in the online world. Professionally represented by Sharp Talent Management, Nia has also ventured into modeling and influencer work. Despite joining Twitter in October of 2010, it wasn't until February of 2011 that she tweeted out her first message, exclaiming, "twitter keenos! I finally figured out how to tweet."


Nia's rapid rise to fame continued as she amassed 2,500 subscribers on YouTube within just one month of posting her debut video, "25 Questions Tag," in April of 2016. One of her most popular uploads is a Christmas pudding recipe video, which has garnered over 123,000 views. Hailing from England, Nia has a sister and is also known as the step-sister of YouTuber TheBurntChip. Her engaging content and growing online presence have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the social media landscape.

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