Milo Winter Bio

(American Social Media Personality and TikTok Star)

Birthday: February 10, 2002 (Aquarius)

Born In: Los Angeles, California

Milo Winter is a young social media celebrity from Los Angeles, USA, who has gained a massive fan following through his videos on TikTok. However, he is not your regular social media celebrity. Yes, he is good-looking, does goofy videos with his friends and is quite witty, but when you hear him speak and express his opinions, you will get to understand that he is mature way beyond his young age and has a keen intellect. Although he feels very grateful for the TikTok platform due to which he gained the attention of masses, he considers himself to be a motivational speaker and likes to have meaningful conversations with people around him, even if it is on social media. In a live stream he did last year, he shared his views on several serious topics like gun control, abortion, gay marriages and mentioned the fact that today’s youth needs to be aware about these things and talk about them so that they can bring about a change in policies that would help pave the path for a better future. And he would like to start a dialogue about such topics since he has a following and can help in some small way to provide a food for thought for his fans.
Quick Facts

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

City: Los Angeles

Rise To Fame
Milo Winter is a senior in high school and has worked part time helping his mother with her classes, before he shot to fame with TikTok. He started using the social media platform in 2018, when he saw a random guy get famous overnight and thought there was no harm in trying to do so himself as sort of a joke. But his videos clicked and he rose to fame getting more than 1.3 million likes and gaining over 118K followers.
His video known as ‘I love Cody Ko’ and his post on the #witnessmyfitness challenge have been really appreciated and the latter got him over 800,000 views. He remembers it fondly because most people were doing really extreme stuff showing off their work out routines and moves, whereas he took to sarcasm and was just lying in his bed throughout the time. His sense of humor sets him apart and appeals to the audience.
He even has an eponymous YouTube channel which he had started in 2016 and has more than 49000 subscribers. Being resourceful, he used the Go Fund Me platform to generate the money for buying his video equipment. He shares videos with his friends, does comic skits, and also shares Q&A sessions taking questions from his fans.
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Family & Personal Life
Milo Winter was born on 10 February 2002, in Los Angekes, California. His mother is a teacher and his parents have a very grounded effect on him. He has a younger sister and his close friends are Jon and Dylan. He does not have a girl friend and identifies himself as straight. He believes in having a connection and developing a bonding before he can even think of getting physical with his partner. Although he has been bullied and teased for being a virgin, he does not wish to succumb under peer pressure.
He is a high school senior and wishes to pursue higher studies in the field of liberal arts, maybe in film making or any other creative stream. He does not feel the need to take the SATs and his parents support him in this decision. He wishes to use any money he makes of his videos and his work on social media towards his college fund as he understands that he does not come from a very rich family.
He has a philosophical attitude towards life and evaluates himself constantly. He talks about how he had lost his sense of self a long time back when he would pretend to be something that he was not just because he wanted the validation of his peers. He would agree with their views so that they would like him. However, he also feels that once you decide, you can bring about a complete change in your life, your mind-set and even the way our sub-conscious thinks.
He has a lot of tattoos, piercings and is fond of wearing black nail polish and funky jewelry. In one of his videos, he is seen wearing a pencil earring and in most of them he is wearing neck chains, rings and earrings. He also likes to wear blue eye-liner and considers a bunny with blue eye-liner to be his signature logo.

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