Matt Watson Bio

(American YouTuber)

Birthday: February 5, 1996 (Aquarius)

Born In: Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Age: 28 Years

Matt Watson rose to prominence through his engaging content on his YouTube channel, Kids w/ Problems, which has amassed an impressive following of over 120,000 subscribers. In addition to his main channel, Matt also manages a secondary channel named SuperMega and has joined the popular group Game Grumps. Prior to his current endeavors, he collaborated with the well-known YouTuber Cyndago, showcasing his versatility and creativity in the online content creation space. Matt's Kids W/ Problems team is recognized for their original comedic songs, including hits like "The Tumblr Song," "Best Anime Dance Ever," "We Sell Drugs," and "Crystal Meth!" Outside of his work, Matt shares a close bond with his sister, Samantha, demonstrating a strong connection to his family.


Notable for his collaborations and diverse content, Matt Watson has further solidified his presence in the YouTube community through projects like the video "Situational Comedy," where he worked alongside Cyndago, Markiplier, and PressHeartToContinue. With a knack for creating engaging and humorous content, Matt continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and collaborations with fellow creators. His dedication to entertaining and connecting with viewers has established him as a prominent figure in the online entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and passion for creating engaging content that resonates with a wide audience.

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