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Brittany Johnson (Lovelypeaches) is an American social-media personality, most of whose social-media profiles have been disabled due to their graphic and disturbing content. Check out this biography to know about her family life, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 4, 2001

Nationality: American

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Lovelypeaches4ever100

Famous as: Instagram Star


children: Cora

Popularity Index
Vloggers #119 Instagram Stars #231
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'Lovelypeaches4ever100' is a disabled ‘Instagram’ account of an American social-media personality who goes by the name “Lovelypeaches.” The ‘Instagram’ content creator, who is known for broadcasting psychotic acts live over social media, has committed several forms of abuse, including harming herself. She even documents all her heinous acts and posts all of it on her social-media accounts. However, most of her previous social-media pages are now no longer available. She has a new ‘Twitter’ page and a ‘YouTube’ channel. She has a daughter named Cora Miracle, who has been subjected to her abuse a few times in the past. Many popular “YouTubers” have started a petition to track Lovelypeaches and provide the required medical help for her mental illness. Unfortunately, the endeavors have been short-lived, as the users gave up tracking her down.

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Rise to Fame
  • Lovelypeaches came under the social-media spotlight after she posted some disturbing videos on her ‘Snapchat’ profile. The videos soon became viral across the internet, and many social-media users began randomly commenting on the videos and her mental health. Lovelypeaches was seen eating her own feces, rubbing her own menstrual blood on the face, drinking cleaning supplies, licking used sanitary pads and tampons, and indulging in other such disgusting acts.
  • Lovelypeaches has also been labeled as a prostitute, as she openly admitted to offering herself to older men in exchange for food, money, and shelter. She also released unedited footage of her having sex, which was later uploaded to a pornography site. She was heavily criticized for composing a rap titled ‘Itching and Burning,' through which she shared her sensitive issues. However, the audience was not happy with her mockery of a genuine female intimate concern. Her disturbing videos also contained a few abusive videos in which she abused her dog and her little daughter. Lovelypeaches published a video of her performing sexual acts on a dog, and in another one, she strangled her dog to death. Later, she made a live stream, where she admitted to killing her dog and displayed contentment with her act. According to her, she had sent her dog to heaven. Her abusive behavior toward her infant was even more disturbing. She distributed messages mentioning her cruelty toward the baby. Lovelypeaches also admitted to performing oral sex on her in the past. Her cruelty heightened when she started calling older men to have sex with her baby (who is a few months old) in exchange for money. She has often called her a "bitch" who will be "dead by 10yo.” In June 2018, she posted a video of her speaking about Cora to someone over the phone. The video mentioned her wish to kill Cora, as she was jealous of her. Immediately after the video was posted, a few other “YouTubers” released a string of videos exposing her. Popular “YouTuber” Repzilla, too, posted a couple of videos about her mental health. In one of them, he even showed a message that her stepmother, Betty Leach Johnson, had sent him asking for medical help for the mental condition of lovelypeaches.
  • Many social-media users have made efforts to contact authorities to find her and provide proper treatment for her illness, as they were worried that she might kill her daughter. However, all efforts were in vain, as no one could ever locate her. It is known that she has been put behind bars a couple of times.
  • Lovelypeaches was a regular social-media influencer in the past and had a solid fan base. She started losing her followers after her videos and other posts began depicting abuse. Earlier, she had an active ‘Instagram’ page under the name 'lovelypeaches4ever100' and a backup page, with the name 'lovelypeaches4ever10000.' Both the pages are currently unavailable. She has a ‘Twitter’ page called 'plovesya2' and owns a ‘YouTube’ channel, too, where she posts her ‘Snapchat’ footages.
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