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(TikTok Star)

Birthday: May 6, 1996 (Taurus)

Born In: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Lil Huh, popularly known by his TikTok name lilhuhofficial, is an American social media star and content creator. He is best known for posting lip-sync and dance videos on his popular TikTok account. Apart from being a popular TikToker, Lil Huh is also famous on other major social media platforms, such as Instagram. His Instagram account, where he posts pictures of his friends and family, has managed to gather thousands of followers. He is also popular on Snapchat where he posts interesting content as well.

Early Life & Career

Lil Huh was born on May 6, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America. He posted his first TikTok video in September 2020 and went on to attract the attention of fellow TikTokers and fans. His lip-sync and dance videos gathered millions of views, establishing him as a TikTok star in a short period of time. His popularity increased when he started featuring his sons in his TikTok videos, which helped his account gather millions of likes. His TikTok account has more than one 1.5 million fans. He is quite popular on Instagram also and his Instagram account has more than 120K followers.

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Family & Personal Life

Lil Huh’s life changed drastically when he fathered a son at a young age. After fathering his first child, Lil Huh worked hard to make a living out of social media. He went on to father another son and often features his sons on his TikTok and Instagram accounts. Apart from creating content on social media, Lil Huh also enjoys spending time at the gym. He works hard to maintain his muscular physique which he often shows off on his Instagram page. He also loves getting inked and has several tattoos all over his body.

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