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KingKennyTv is the 'YouTube' channel of English prankster Kenny. Check out this biography to know about his family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: March 20, 1997

Nationality: British

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Pisces

Also Known As: KingKennyTv

Born in: England

Famous as: Youtuber


siblings: Wisdom

Popularity Index
Gamers #38 Comedy YouTubers #23 YouTube Pranksters #17 Instagram Stars #408
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'KingKennyTv' is the 'YouTube' channel of English prankster Kenny, widely known for his funny and quirky content on the channel. Kenny primarily creates commentary and prank videos for his social-media pages. He mostly features his brother, who is a prominent member of his 'YouTube' ventures. Kenny not only entertains his viewers through his pranks but also makes them laugh with his hilarious facial expressions. His comedy and prank skills have earned him a fan base of millions. Kenny owns a second 'YouTube' channel, in collaboration with his brother, which focuses on 'Fortnite'-related content. Apart from creating content for his 'YouTube' channels, Kenny streams on his 'Twitch' channel and posts on 'Instagram' and 'Twitter.'

Rise to Fame
  • Kenny started his career as a social-media influencer with his 'YouTube' channel, 'KenDaKid,' but he had to shut it down due to a copyright infringement issue. Kenny made a fresh start with his next 'YouTube' venture, 'KingKennyTv,' which he created on July 3, 2013. However, he did not post any content on the channel until March the following year, when he published an introductory video. 'KingKennyTv' is primarily a prank-based channel through which Kenny shares his incredible and funny ways of tricking people. His most frequent and favorite prank target is his younger brother. Initially, the two most-viewed videos on the channel were 'TEACHING A 8 YEAR OLD HOW TO DRIVE *ALMOST DIED* *POLICE CALLED*,' published in November 2016, and 'TEACHING A 8 YEAR OLD HOW TO DRIVE *SOMEONE DIES* #,' posted the following month, which earned five and three million views, respectively. Some of the other popular prank videos on the channel are 'Other pranks ANGRY BROTHER SMASHES I PHONE 7 (REVENGE PRANK),' 'MOVING TEDDY BEAR PRANK ON 8 YEAR OLD!!! *HE CRIES*,' 'i duct taped my brother to a chair PRANK! (LITTLE BROTHER CRIES) [PRANK WAR],' I found cigarettes in my 8 year old brother's school bag *PRANK*,' and 'I Mastered The Invisible Box Challenge.. **PRANK!** (Insane).' With over 10 million views, 'Kid Spends $1000 on brother's credit card to buy fidget spinners **PRANK!** (BACKFIRES)' tops the list of the most-viewed prank video on 'KingKennyTv.'
  • Apart from pranks, Kenny has created a few challenge and reaction videos for his channel. Two of them are 'EXTREME 1000 CHICKEN NUGGET IN 10 MINUTES CHALLENGE' and 'REACTING TO MY 9 YEAR OLD BROTHERS MUSICAL.LYS (CRINGEY).' He also produces 'Fortnite'-related content for the channel, of which the videos ‘1 KILL = 10,000 V BUCKS FOR MY 9 YEAR OLD BROTHER (FORTNITE)' and '9 Year Old Kid WINS 10,000 V BUCKS In 1 Kill = 1 Spin Challenge! (Wheel Of Fortnite)' are the most popular. Currently, 'KingKennyTv' has around 1.7 million subscribers.
  • Kenny has a second 'YouTube' channel, 'The King Family.' Launched in April 2017, the channel is a collaborative effort of Kenny and his brother. Together, they make 'Fortnite' videos for the venture and have earned over 97 thousand subscribers to date. Kenny posts content on his other social-media platforms, too, but his fan following on those channels is not too impressive.
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