Lani Smith Bio

(British Twitch Streamer)

Birthday: October 29, 2007 (Scorpio)

Born In: England

Age: 16 Years

Lani Smith, widely recognized as LanuSky in the gaming community, is a popular gamer known for her engaging content on various platforms. With a strong presence on Twitch, her LanuSky channel has amassed a dedicated following of over 500,000 followers, where she frequently shares Minecraft gameplay, dance performances, and lip-sync videos. Beginning her social media journey in 2020, Lani initially gained attention through Minecraft tutorials and satire, showcasing her skills and creativity to captivate audiences. Apart from her gaming pursuits, she also connects with her fans on Twitter under the handle LanuSkyLive, providing updates and insights into her daily life and interests. Known to be a beach enthusiast, Lani often incorporates her love for the ocean into her content, creating a dynamic and engaging online presence.


On Instagram, Lani further connects with her audience through her lanusky_live account, where she has garnered a following of 180,000 fans. Through a mix of personal snapshots and highlights from her adventures, she offers a glimpse into her world, often featuring moments shared with her older brother, Tubbo, a popular Twitch star in his own right. The siblings frequently appear together in photos on her account, showcasing their close bond and shared interests. Fans of Lani's content on Twitch and other platforms can enjoy a blend of gaming excitement, personal anecdotes, and lighthearted moments captured through her various social media channels, making her a beloved figure in the gaming community and beyond.

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