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Lance Ashton Thirtyacre is a YouTube star, entrepreneur, and voice actor. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 23, 1993

Nationality: American

Girlfriend: Audrey Ann Ómáille

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Lance Ashton Thirtyacre

Born in: Pensacola, Florida

Famous as: YouTuber

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father: Kelly Fay Thirtyacre

mother: Jennifer

siblings: Logan

U.S. State: Florida

Popularity Index
Gamers #256 Instagram Stars #213
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Lance Ashton Thirtyacre is a YouTube star, entrepreneur, voice actor, and social media personality. He formerly ran the YouTube channels ‘19Lance93’ and ‘CountryGirlOnCrack’ with his brother Logan. At present, he runs his self-titled channel. A native of Florida, Lance and his brother were heavily influenced by the Super Mario platform video games and FroggyCompany's Mario plush videos. In 2007, his brother created the YouTube channel SuperMarioLogan and subsequently began posting adult-humoured plush videos on it. In time, Lance, other members of the family, and their friends started collaborating on Logan’s content. Over the years, Lance has provided the voices for several characters and has served as Logan’s business partner. What started as a single-channel venture has now become a YouTube franchise. He created his personal channel in July 2016.

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Rise to Fame
  • Lance has been with his brother since the beginning. It was he who shot the oldest video on SuperMarioLogan. Titled ‘Super Mario Got Milk’, it was posted on December 8, 2007. In the ensuing years, he has played a pivotal role in the channel’s exponential growth. At present, it has over seven million subscribers and four billion views. However, the brothers have not posted any content on it since July 2018. These days, they publish their content on their secondary channel, SuperLuigiLogan, which was created on March 1, 2008, and boasts of over three million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views in total.
  • He has lent his voice to a number of characters on ‘SuperMarioLogan,’ including Jeffy, Shrek, Goodman, Jackie Chu, Black Yoshi, Woody, Tony The Tiger, Mr. Pig Wario, Doofy the Dragon, Margaret, Screwball, Tom Brady, Bitterman Carlito, Joseph's Mom, Mine! Bird, Sheila Perkins, Joey Felipe, the Crocodile, Simmons, and Cody.
  • He previously operated the YouTube channels ‘19Lance93’ and ‘CountryGirlOnCrack’ with the help of his brother. On July 8, 2016, he created his self-titled personal channel and posted the first video on it on February 23, 2018. As of mid-2019, he has garnered over half a million subscribers on it and several million views. He publishes a wide range of content there, from reactions to gaming to SML-related Q&As.
  • Lance’s current Instagram account is not his first one. Logan has revealed that Lance’s previous Instagram account (@lance_thirtyacre) was deleted by a hacker. The oldest photograph on his current Instagram (@lancethirtyacre) was posted on April 16, 2017. It is a picture of a sweater with the name of his most popular character, Jeffy, knitted on it. Since then, he has accumulated over a hundred thousand followers on the platform. He primarily posts pictures related to his characters, memes, and photos of his cat and girlfriend. He also has a Twitter account with several thousand followers.
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Scandals & Controversies
  • Logan and Lance, like many other content creators on YouTube, were severely affected by the site’s age-restriction policy on December 11, 2007. All of their videos were subsequently made age-restricted. According to many of their well-wishers, this had occurred because YouTube had erroneously concluded that they were part of the Elsagate controversy. Although the brothers have never attempted to attract children with clickbait titles and misleading tags, they do make use of plush toys and kid-appeal characters in their mature-themed videos.
  • It all started when a mother informed the British tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun’ that she had stopped her son from trying to hang himself. After being questioned over the suicide attempt, her son apparently told her that he had drawn inspiration from an episode of ‘SML Shorts’, ‘Jeffy’s Tantrum’. During this period, several YouTubers voiced their support for Lance and Logan. However, there were a number of others who criticised them. As their main channel, ‘SuperMarioLogan,’ was completely demonetised, they since have been using ‘SuperLuigiLogan.’
Family & Personal Life
  • Lance Thirtyacre was born on September 23, 1993, in Pensacola, Florida, USA, to Kelly Fay Thirtyacre and Jennifer. Lamce has a younger brother named Logan. A truck driver, Kelly was mentioned in Logan’s ‘Draw My Life’ video. Because of his profession, Kelly hardly spent any time at home. As a result, his marriage with Lance and Logan’s mother suffered. They eventually divorced, and she went on to marry Brian Grant. It was Grant who introduced the brothers to computers and videos games like Super Mario. Through Grant’s relationship with his mother, Lance has a half-sister named Haleigh.
  • When Lance was four years old and Logan was three, Lance hit his brother with a baseball bat, fracturing his skull. Fortunately, Logan made full recovery from that injury. Lance is naturally ambidextrous. This was displayed in ‘Jeffy Gets Bullied!’ and ‘Playtime 5 BTS’. While he is highly successful as a YouTube content creator and social media personality, Lance has also successfully pursued academic excellence. He holds an associate’s degree in nursing and bachelor’s degrees in health sciences and healthcare administration.
  • Lance is currently in a relationship with a nurse named Audrey Ann Ómáille. After meeting her while they were both studying nursing, they started dating in June 2017. According to Logan, Lance presently resides in his former apartment. He is an avid fan of the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League (NFL).

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Last Updated : May 20, 2019
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