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Keith Talens is a Filipino 'YouTube' vlogger who creates family prank videos for his channel. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, career, and achievements.

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 5, 1993

Nationality: Filipino

Girlfriend: Vena

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born Country: Philippines

Born in: Santiago, Philippines

Famous as: TikTok Stars


children: Kiyomi

Popularity Index
Vloggers #302 TikTok Stars #40 YouTube Pranksters #42 Instagram Stars #145
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Keith Talens is a 'YouTube' vlogger from the Philippines, who creates family prank videos for his channel. He features his family members on his vlogs and sometimes plays pranks on them. Keith has done a few Q&A videos featuring his girlfriend and daughter. He makes his vlogs in the Filipino language. Keith was criticized by the members of the ‘YouTube’ community after he posted a vlog on the day his father died. The vlog was supposed to be a surprise vlog for his father, as it started with footage of the family in the car, excited to be part of the surprise, but a few minutes later, everything changed. The 10-minute vlog was scrutinized, and Keith was framed by his viewers. Even though he did receive some condolences from the viewers afterward, most of them raised questions on the authenticity of the video. Keith later posted a video, explaining himself and giving reasons for the act. The comment sections of both the videos were disabled.

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Rise to Fame
  • Keith joined the 'YouTube' community on Oct 2, 2013, with his self-titled channel. However, his first video was uploaded on Oct 3, 2017, and it was a prank video. The first video on the channel to cross a million views was a Q&A featuring his girlfriend and daughter. Some of the other popular videos on Keith's channel are 'Mother's Day Prank + Surprise [ pina CARNAP KO SASAKYAN NIYA ],' 'Ignoring My Daughter for 8 hours [ parang ako yung naisahan e hahaha ],' 'Honey bilisan mo may tao sa labas,' and 'Maghihiwalay na kami [ Kiyomi kanino ka sasama kay mommy o kay daddy ].' The channel currently has more than 984 thousand subscribers.
  • Keith is not too active on other social-media platforms, such as 'Facebook' and 'Instagram.' Thus, he has relatively less followers on those channels. He started creating content for ‘TikTok’ in July 2018.
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  • In June 2019, Keith started shooting a vlog to share his surprise plan for Father's Day. Unfortunately, that fateful day, Keith’s father died of a cardiac arrest before he reached home to surprise his father. The reason he got a backlash from his viewers was that he did not stop vlogging. The vlog continued as someone else shot the video while Keith was beside his father's bed, hysterically crying, screaming, shaking his father's body, and still holding the balloons he bought for him. The whole scene at his home was captured in the video, and everyone was shown mourning the death.
  • Keith even uploaded the video, titled 'SURPRISING DAD ON FATHER'S DAY (SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE),' on his channel. It has amassed over five million views. However, many viewers reacted negatively on the vlog and commented that Keith had shared the vlog only to earn more views and subscribers for his channel. Many even pointed out the length of the video, which gave them a reason to think the ads in between must have earned him some significant cash. They believed Keith had been disrespectful toward his deceased father. The vlog left many viewers wondering how someone could create content out of a family member’s death and then publicize it for fame and money.
  • There was also a section of viewers who conveyed their condolences to Keith, but by then, he had already been framed as a mean person. Keith later publicly apologized to his viewers for the vlog. He defended himself, saying that he had continued to shoot the vlog despite the sudden news because his father wanted to be in his vlog. Hence, he was fulfilling his father’s wish. He further added that he had by no means shared the video to gain fame for his channel.
Family & Personal Life
  • Keith was born on July 4, in Santiago, Philippines. He is associated with 'STAR MAGIC,' a Quezon City, Philippines-based broadcasting and media production company. Keith currently Lives in Parañaque. He has a girlfriend named Vena, and the two have a daughter named Kiyomi. Keith has featured his 94-year-old grandmother in a few of his vlogs.

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