Katia Washington Biography

(Daughter of Film Producer and Actor Denzel Washington)

Birthday: November 27, 1987 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Los Angeles, California, United States

Katia Washington is one of the four children of one of the most accomplished and celebrated Hollywood actors of the time, Denzel Washington and his wife Paulette Washington. She has forayed into movies in multiple roles. She has explored the fields of acting and has tried her hands at direction as well. Katia’s background allows her to have an innate connection with the movie business which she plans to explore to her heart’s content. She has attached herself with various acclaimed film projects and has mainly involved herself in various roles behind the camera. As of now Katia has not ventured into any acting roles like her siblings Olivia and John David, but has donned several roles in various arenas of film making. She is quite the reclusive figure and does not have much social media exposure. In fact, no reliable and official social media handles can be detected so far. But she has worked hard in turning her talents to financial records and has amassed a net worth of 2 million USD in the short time she has been associated with the movie industry.
Quick Facts

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Females


father: Denzel Washington

mother: Pauletta Washington, Paulette Washington

siblings: John David Washington (Brother), Malcolm Washington (Brother), Olivia Washington (Sister)

Family Members American Women

Height: 1.65 m

U.S. State: California

City: Los Angeles

Rise to Fame
Having famous parents is never easy and it may be very hard to match up to the expectations, especially if you plan to make your career in the same field. Katia Washington probably went through the same thing when she decided to enter the movie business. Prior to taking the first step she has ensured that she has acquired a proper education. She made her first steps into the movie business after finishing college but consciously refrained from venturing into acting. She was well aware of the fact that her father’s shadow will undoubtedly act against establishing herself. So, unlike her siblings, Katia took her first job in a film in the non-acting segment of the movie making. She started her work as an editorial production assistant in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 project ‘Django Unchained’ starring stellar actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jaimie Foxx and Christopher Waltz.
Katia took a brief hiatus from the movie, and it is not known what she did during that time. She came back into limelight as an associate producer for the 2016 movie, ‘Fences’, starring her father Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. The movie was directed by Denzel Washington and received major critical acclaim with Davis won the Academy Award for Actress is a Supporting Role in 2016 for her portrayal. The movie’s financial success also reflected on Katia as well and she has acquired the major chunk of her 2 million dollar networth from this project.
The same year, in 2016, Katia worked as a directorial assistant to Nate Parker on his directorial debut, Birth of a Nation. The movie started Nate Parker, Penelope Ann Miller and Armie Hammer, centering on the slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia in 1831, led by an enslaved man Nat Turner.
It looks like Katia is preparing herself for a career behind the camera and is gathering up substantial experience in all roles that are deemed necessary for the making of a successful filmmaker.
What Makes Katia So Special
Although Katia is still being primarily recognized as Denzel Washington’s daughter, she has worked very hard to make a name for herself and is gradually working her way through various production and creative roles necessary for a career in fil making. It cannot be denied that she may have an advantage due to her surname, but at the same time it us undeniable that movies are in her genes and no matter what role she puts herself into, she is destined to be a success.
Although Katia hails from a well-known and media-savvy family, she is the most reclusive of the Washington brood, seldom coming into limelight and preferring to work hard in the shadows of anonymity. She is eager to prove her worth before coming into the glaring lights of the media and that is unique of star kids who are usually accustomed and somewhat addicted to all the attention.
Behind The Curtains
Katia’s personal life is not known well to the media. The Washington family has done well to shield their kids from limelight and give them as normal a childhood possible away from the public attention. Katia’s high school as well her childhood details have not surfaced yet. It is the snippets that her father has let slip are the only known facts about Katia. Denzel had said in an interview that Katia is especially fond of dancing and that would start dancing to any tune under the sun, earning her the family title of ‘Dancing Little Bird’.
She is close to her siblings and their biggest supporters when it comes to their careers. Her dating life is also not known and the media mavens have no idea whether she is single or dating anyone.

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