Makai Fray Bio

(British TikTok Star and Social Media Personality)

Birthday: October 2, 2002 (Libra)

Born In: England, United Kingdom

Makai Fray is an English social media star and aspiring footballer and singer. He quickly charmed people on TikTok with his energetic appearance, earning over half a million followers, and has over a hundred thousand fans on Instagram and YouTube each. He has appeared in several advertisements for Pro:Direct Soccer, an online football store, for sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas. On September 4, 2020, he posted a video titled “MKFRAY VS PREMIER LEAGUE KEEPER” in which he went head-to-head with Watford FC goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes. He also has his own character card for the video game FIFA 22. Despite football being his number one priority, he is open to opportunities in music and social media.

Rise to Stardom

Makai Fray was encouraged to post videos on TikTok by a friend who was already on the platform. He made his first video a bit reluctantly, but it quickly grew on him and he continued to make videos one after another. He is known for posting funny videos, football clips, singing and dance videos, and videos on trending topics. A fan of the musical duo Lotto Boyzz, his cover version of their song “+44” was featured on their Instagram story. After gaining popularity on TikTok, he branched out to Instagram and YouTube, and has earned sizeable fan following on each. Talking about his TikTok fame, he mentioned that he cannot explain it either, but he must have been lucky.

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He Tried His Luck in Music

Makai Fray, whose mother is a talented singer and has toured with several popular artists, is very passionate about music himself. His TikTok profile often features videos of him singing and those are very popular among his fans, but he maintains that he is not a singer per se. He loved to sing around his friends for fun, and it was his close friends who convinced him to share his talent with others.

In his first TikTok video that featured his singing, his friend lip-synced to it as he sang from background before revealing himself. From there, he went on to collaborate with musical artist NDotz on the song “Not Involved” in October 2020. He began shooting for his own solo song in December that year, but the song, “Boyega”, which released in May 2021, was eventually taken down later that month due to conflict of interest with a third party involved in the making of the song. He was so frustrated about the incident that he took a brief break from social media, but later opened up about the whole debacle in a YouTube video and termed it a learning experience.

He Is also an YouTuber

Shortly after becoming popular on TikTok, Makai Fray was spammed by fans asking him to start a YouTube channel. He had promised to debut on YouTube once he hit 10k followers on his Instagram profile, which happened shortly after the announcement. While he had created his primary channel, Mkfray, back in May 2012, he began uploading on it with a Q&A video on May 27, 2020. Interestingly, while filming for the video, he made the “mistake” of retaining the mobile-friendly portrait mode, which is more suited to content for TikTok, and promptly apologized to his fans for the error at the beginning of the video. He started a second channel, TheMkWay, after reaching 50K subscribers on his first channel within months of starting to upload videos. He intended the second channel mostly for vlogs, reactions, gaming and fun behind-the-scene videos.

He Wants to Play for Arsenal

Makai Fray has been an Arsenal supporter “from day one” and dreams of representing the team as a footballer in the future. He attends the prestigious F2 Academy and even has an Arsenal jersey with “FRAY 90” printed on the back, representing his squad number in the Academy. Since childhood, he always played as a winger, but after he entered F2 Academy, the coaches there suggested him to play as a central attacking midfielder because of his superior speed, which makes it equally easier for him to assist his teammates and break into opponent’s defense. On the field, he is bold enough to stay on the ball even when under pressure and encourages upcoming footballers to show off their potential instead of making quick passes out of fear in front of scouts.

Family & Personal Life

Makai Fray was born on October 2, 2002 in England, United Kingdom. His parents are divorced, and his mother is now married to a person named Jay. He has six siblings in total, three from his father’s side and three from his mother’s side. He is the oldest among all his siblings and has three brothers and three sisters. He has featured his mother, stepdad, and his siblings on his TikTok and YouTube videos.

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