Juwany Roman Bio

(TikTok (Musical.ly) Star)

Birthday: July 25, 1999 (Leo)

Born In: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Juwany Roman is a popular social media star, and has gained a fast growing fan following on sites like Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) and YouNow. He has attracted attention ever since he became active on social media. He often collaborates with other social media personalities. He created videos which are story based, challenges or pranks, as well as travelogues and music videos. Juwany Roman appeals to a wide variety of viewers beyond any narrow demographic categories. He has created a collaborative YouTube channel, actively soliciting the participation of his followers. This innovative idea has proved to be extremely popular. He regularly features his personal comments, musical preferences and relationships in his videos. He keeps in close touch with other social media users and viewers. He is very creative, sincere and energetic in the content that he creates. He is quite informative and progressive in his statements. Juwany Roman has a natural affinity for social media, an ability to draw in and include the viewers.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Flamingeos

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males


siblings: Jennishka Roman

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

City: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Juwany Roman began his social media career in 2015. He quickly gained popularity on a host of social media platforms. He is active on a range of social media like YouNow and TikTok. His music videos and performances have garnered him millions of fans. His channel on YouTube called Flamin Geos, has around 2,70,000 subscribers. He is of Puerto Rican descent. He was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Florida and currently resides there. He has collaborated with a number of other social media personalities and went on a tour called ‘Part of My Story’ with 99 Goonsquad and Mario Selman. His sister Jennishka is also a popular TikTok user.
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What Makes Juwany Roman So Special
Juwany Roman has created a popular social media persona for himself and uses the name Flamingeos. He has become a trendy figure in social media and online youth culture. He is lively and full of confidence. He has a natural ease and elegance, and affinity for expression on social media. His videos and photos often feature his friends and family, and viewers see him in daily life and experience the varying contours of his relationships. He is part of a generation of social media users who form a unique online community, collaborating to create exciting content. Warm, easily drawing in fans and viewers into his social media persona and life, Juwany Roman has definitely added value to social media. He began dating fellow social media personality Loren Beech in 2016. Juwany Roman often appears with Loren Beech on social media, in videos and photographs. His work features small skits and humorous acts as well, together with a knowledgeable and inventive musical contribution on sites like TikTok.
Beyond Fame
Juwany Roman has a strong interest in sports. His style is very sporty and trendy. He participates in a number of outdoor activities like skateboarding. He is very close to his sister and circle of friends. He is also in a serious relationship with Loren Beech, and the meshing of their creative activities and self expressions can be seen on social media. He has a strong interest in music as well as photography and fashion.
Behind the Curtains
He lives with his family in Florida and has a sister, Jennishka. He is quite friendly and very serious about his personal relationships.
He and pop star J Ryan were born on the same day in the same year.

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