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Quick Facts

Birthday: January 10, 1975

Nationality: American

Age: 45 Years, 45 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: California

Famous as: Viner, YouTuber, Instagram Star


children: AJ, Johnna and Evan

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #856 Viners #117 YouTubers #172
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Josh Darnit is a well-known social media personality, renowned for the videos he posts along with his son Evan. It all started when the doting father began creating videos and posting them on Vine app casually as part of fun activity with his youngest son Evan. The videos gradually started getting noticed and as his Vine account burgeoned with increase in followings the otherwise hobby of this Vine star took shape of a full-fledged profession. His fun loving videos involving son Evan garnered immense popularity not only earning him fame as a Vine sensation but also evolving Evan as a child phenomenon who himself is now a Vine star popular in the web world as Evancredible. Darnit is one of the initial risers of Vine who currently boasts a huge following on his account. This loving and caring father has also posted videos featuring his other son AJ and daughter Johnaa who have also followed their father’s footsteps to become Vine stars. He shares a good rapport with a number of top Viners and has collaborated with many of them. Darnit has also made a mark on other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The Rise To Stardom
  • Darnit began posting videos on Vine involving his four year old son, Evan, following the inception of the short-form video hosting service Vine that saw its initial release on January 24, 2013. The spontaneous, joyful and light-hearted videos featuring Evan soon started garnering views and followings. What once started as a mere hobby eventually developed as a full time activity for Darnit who resolved to take it up as a profession giving up his high revenue job.
  • With several offers open to him from renowned companies including one from Disney, this Vine star moved on with his newly founded passion. He won hearts of millions through his Vines that are mostly impromptu clips reflecting the playful and hilarious side of their everyday life. His popular videos helped him become one of the initial rising stars of Vine and at present his vine account ‘joshdarnit’ that has 1280 posts boasts of having around 2.7 million followers.
  • The playful side of fatherhood shared to the world at large by this doting father through his Vines are well complimented by his son Evan through his spontaneity and remarkable camera presence. Evan has become some sort of a star of his father’s videos with the fans eagerly awaiting new vines of the father-son duo. In 2014, the duo appeared in a Father’s Day special episode of ‘Behind the Vine’ featuring Eric Artell as the host. Such popularity has led Evan, who is now seven years old and already earned acclaim as a child phenomenon, courtesy his father’s vines, to create his own vine account ‘Evancredible’. The videos of Darnit also feature his eldest son, AJ, and his loving daughter, Johnna, both of whom became Vine stars popular on Vine as ‘AJMJ’ and ‘johnnamazing’ respectively.
  • Darnit is a friendly and sociable person who has good connect with some of the famous Vine superstars and has collaborated with many of them like Brandon Calvillo and David Lopez among others.
  • This Vine superstar has also thrived in making his presence felt in other social media platforms as well. His YouTube account ‘joshdarnit’ that he created on Feb 12, 2014 has succeeded in amassing more than 58K subscribers and a whooping count of over 2.6 million views. He has also garnered over 230K followers on his Instagram account ‘joshdarnit’ and over 58K followers on his Twitter account ‘joshdarnit’.
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Last Updated : April 29, 2018
Josh Darnit

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