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(TikTok Star)

Birthday: April 10, 1999 (Aries)

Born In: Greenwood, Indiana

Joey Klaasen is an American social media star, most famous as the younger brother of pop singer, songwriter and actor, Jon Klaasen. His brother rose to fame on the talent hunt show ‘The X Factor (US)’ and was part of the boy band group ‘Forever in Your Mind’. Unlike his brother, Joey did not choose the musical path, but is very active on social media and is an exceptional basketball player. He was an important player for his high school basketball team and has been written about in many basketball publications. With his tall frame, talented moves on the basketball court and rigorous discipline as an athlete, he has won several accolades from his peers and high school coach. He also has a huge fan following of more than a million followers on the social media app, TikTok, for his funny videos consisting of pranks, challenges and sing-alongs with his family and friends. He is active on Instagram and Snapchat as well. He is currently studying pre-medicine in college, but continues to wow his fans on social media.
Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Victoria Bachlet

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males


father: Bob Klaasen

mother: Karen Klaasen

siblings: Jon Klaasen

Height: 6'0" (183 cm), 6'0" Males

U.S. State: Indiana

In 2013, when his brother was competing on the talent hunt TV show ‘The X Factor (US)’, Joey Klaasen was quite young and just finishing middle school. He was seen cheering his brother backstage during his ‘The X Factor (US)’ auditions. Jon Klaasen rose to fame during the auditions and went on to become a member of the ‘Forever in Your Mind’ boy band formed by media mogul, Simon Cowell.
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While his brother has a talent for music, Joey Klaasen has an exceptional talent for basketball. Standing 6 foot 4 inches tall by the time he had reached high school, he was selected for his high school’s boys basketball team ‘Trojans’. He played at the forward position on the team and developed his dribbling, shooting and teamwork skills to impress his coach and earn the respect of his team members. With an athletic build, and brilliant gameplay, he was a natural on the basketball court. In 2017, he was the ‘Trojans’ top field goal shooters and had impressive statistics to his name. During the off seasons, he worked hard at improving his game and became a consistent and dependable player for the team.
In 2018, he was described by a basketball publication as ‘the glue that holds the Trojans together’ and was often referred to as the ‘glue player’ (players who are the epitome of a team player). His high school basketball coach was of the opinion that he brought in a tremendous team spirit atmosphere to the game, was excellent in the classroom and on the basketball floor, and a role model to younger players. His peers and team mates have also appreciated his hard work and dedication. He has played at the small forward position in the ‘Indiana Elite Force 2018’ basketball team as well.
While playing basketball and studying in high school, he has also been very active on social media. He has a tremendous fan following on TikTok (social media app for creating and sharing short videos). He uploads videos fairly regularly on the app. The content that he posts on TikTok generally consists of funny videos, challenges, pranks, sing-alongs, dance-offs, etc. set to the tune of the latest pop or rap songs. He sometimes makes videos to the tune of his original music. Most of his recent videos feature his girlfriend, where they are seen pranking each other. He hit the 1 million subscribers mark on TikTok on April 21, 2019.
Joey Klaasen is active on Instagram and Snapchat as well. He has a YouTube channel as well, but is not active on it.
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Family & Personal Life
Joey Klaasen was born on April 10, 1999, in Greenwood, Indiana, USA to Karen Klaasen and Bob Klaasen. He has an older brother, Jon, and a pet cat, Charlie. His mother, father, brother and cat are seen on his social media pictures and videos very often. He has a girlfriend, Victoria Bachlet, who also has a huge fan following on TikTok. She is seen on his social media feed, performing challenges with him, playing pranks on him and generally having a good time together.
He studied at ‘Center Grove High School’ in Greenwood, Indiana. He was a bright student, scoring a 4.2 GPA (Grade Point Average) in high school and a gifted athlete too. After graduating from high school, he applied to many medical schools in the country. He was accepted to the pre-medical programme at the University of Cincinnati and is currently studying there. His favourite basketball team is ‘Indiana Pacers’ and Reggie Miller and Ray Lewis are his favourite athletes. He loves to travel to new places and spending time with his family and girlfriend. Presently, he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

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