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James Marriott is a British YouTube star famous for his witty and comic videos. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 7, 1997

Nationality: Swiss

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Famous as: YouTuber

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Comedy YouTubers #76 Instagram Stars #371
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James Marriott is a British YouTube star famous for his witty, comic and oftentimes savage videos on pop culture topics. He posts commentary-style videos to the YouTube channel bearing his name. He started his YouTube career by posting acoustic guitar covers of popular songs and lyric breakdowns of songs recommended to him by followers, and later moved on to doing roast videos and delivering vicious comments on the latest celebrity news and happenings. The YouTuber started gaining attention when he began posting the ‘Everything Wrong With’ celebrity roast videos. His YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers at present. He also actively collaborates with other YouTubers and runs a weekly podcast with a fellow YouTuber titled ‘Camp Cast’. He has recently finished his studies at a university in the UK and has openly stated that he is a full time YouTuber now.

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  • James Marriott is a rising YouTube star who is well known for his humorous and creative take on trending pop culture topics, celebrity fails, and more. He regularly uploads vlogs (video blogs) on his eponymous YouTube channel. He also posts videos of challenges, songs, pranks, and reactions to events on his channel.
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  • He started his YouTube channel on February 12, 2012, when he was just a teenager. His earliest video posts consisted of acoustic guitar covers of popular songs. His first ever video on his YouTube channel was a closeup of him playing a song on the acoustic guitar titled ‘Gratitude - Acoustic Song’. He slowly progressed to Q&A session videos, lyric breakdowns and reaction videos where he showed his live reactions on camera as he listened to songs with weird costumes, lyrics or singers. His humour and wit are what attracted a lot of people to his channel. His channel soon started gaining popularity and he moved on to doing celebrity roast videos titled ‘Everything that is wrong with’.
  • His YouTube channel crossed the ‘100,000 subscribers’ mark in October 2018 and the ‘500,000’ subscribers mark in January 2019. He currently has more than 700,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His most popular YouTube video so far is titled ‘Danielle Cohn's Sister Is Even Worse Than Danielle Cohn’ that has garnered 3.8 million views. He also does cooking and baking videos sometimes. But his channel has moved on to mainly opinion and commentary genre videos now.
  • He is also known to frequently collaborate with other YouTubers like ‘ImAllexx’, ‘Memeulous’, ‘WillNE’ and ‘iNabber’ on their vlogs. He runs a weekly podcast with close friend and fellow YouTuber ‘ImAllexx’ that is titled ‘Camp Cast’. The channel was started in July 2018 and features him and Alex discussing trending topics and events on hour-long podcasts. The podcasts sometimes feature other guests (mostly YouTubers) too. He also makes frequent guest appearances on Alex’s YouTube channel ‘ImAllexx’.
  • Blessed with a sharp wit, charming personality and a sarcastic tongue, he has become a favourite with YouTube subscribers all over the world. He is seen frequently commenting on other YouTubers’s content or reacting to their criticism of him. He is active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He has about 109,000 followers on Instagram and 87,000 followers on Twitter.
  • He was studying at a university in the UK until very recently and has previously stated on Twitter that he would like to become a full time YouTuber after his final exams were over. As of May 21, 2019, he is a full-time YouTuber and may soon post vlogs on a more frequent basis, which will help him breach the ‘1 million subscribers’ mark soon. He will be making his first public guest appearance at the ‘Resonate Total Gaming (RTG) Fest’ in July 2019 in Glasgow, UK.
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Family & Personal Life
  • James Marriott was born on July 7, 1997, in Switzerland. Details about his parents are not available, but he seems to have been raised and lived in the UK for most of his life. He has an older sister, Hannah, and a younger brother too. He has an impressive personality and a tall 6’4” stature. He seems to be very close to fellow YouTuber and podcast colleague, Alex, whose channel is one of the ‘featured’ channels on his YouTube page. He has mentioned several times that he is a fan of Alex’s YouTube channel. He has stated during his podcasts that he often spends a lot of time playing video games, especially ‘FIFA’, with Alex. Not many details are available about his romantic life, but he seems to be single at the moment and concentrating on building his YouTube career.
  • He can reportedly speak multiple languages very fluently and was studying linguistics at a university in the UK. He completed his final exams on May 21, 2019, and is a full-time YouTuber now, living in the UK.

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Last Updated : June 03, 2019
James Marriott

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