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Venus Palermo, also known as Venus Angelic, is a well-known Swiss YouTuber. Let’s take a look at her family, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 8, 1997

Nationality: Swiss

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Also Known As: Venus Isabelle Palermo

Born in: Brugg

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 5'7" (170 cm), 5'7" Females


mother: Margaret Palermo

Popularity Index
Vloggers #312 Beauty Vloggers #48 YouTubers #124
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Venus Palermo, also known as Venus Angelic, is a well-known Swiss YouTuber famous for her doll-like appearance. Her videos on make-up tutorials and her impeccable dress sense have helped her YouTube channel to earn more than a million subscribers. In most of her make-up tutorials, she has shared tricks that aim at helping her viewers to look like anime characters or dolls. She has even managed to recreate the looks of popular animated characters like Elsa, Rapunzel, Drill Pigtails and Cinderella among many other characters. Venus also posts haul and DIY videos. Her quick make-up tips are really helpful and are often appreciated by her fans. She has also appeared in many talk shows, along with her mother, and has spoken about her journey from being an ordinary girl to becoming a social media star. Thanks to her doll-like facial features, she has been approached by a number of producers, for television shows. Venus has appeared in a Swiss film titled ‘Ready, Steady, Charlie!’

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The YouTube Story
  • Venus was exposed to social media at a very young age. Her mother used to post her pictures on various social media platforms which caught the attention of many biggies in the entertainment industry. Venus made her debut appearance in the Swiss film ‘Ready, Steady, Charlie!’ when she was just six years old.
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  • Venus moved from Switzerland to Spain in 2008. She then lived in Japan for a few years, which completely changed her life. She loved the Japanese culture so much that she eventually learned the Japanese language, culinary skills and origami. She created her YouTube channel in May 2010, and posted her dance video.
  • After her first video, the next couple of videos that she posted were in Japanese. Venus later posted a tutorial on learning Japanese. As she had also learned various art forms of Japan, she posted tutorial videos on each of these. Venus also displayed her skills in Japanese nail art, which is considered as the finest manicure after that of the French. She also posted videos in which she taught her viewers various make-up tricks to look like Japanese dolls.
  • Venus then shared a few tricks that taught her viewers to use headbands in five different ways to create five different hairstyles. A few videos later, Venus finally uploaded a video on full face make-up. The number of her subscribers increased right after posting this particular video on her channel. Her popularity earned her an opportunity to share the stage with the famous Japanese singer, Rumi Shishido.
  • After spending a few months in Japan, Venus returned to Spain, but continued to upload videos on her YouTube channel. In an attempt to provide her the best stage to display her talent, Venus’ mother decided to move to Brixton, South West London. After moving to Brixton, her channel earned more number of subscribers and soon Venus became a celebrity.
  • As she achieved fame, she also became vulnerable to criticisms. Her voice, which actually sounds like the voice of a famous cartoon character, subjected her to criticisms as many of her viewers claimed that she was faking her voice just to gain more and more subscribers. A few experts expressed their concerns by saying that Venus might have a negative impact on young girls, for she might enhance their desire to look more like a doll.
  • Venus then appeared, along with her mother, in the talk show, ‘Daybreak’, in which she shared her views on the issue. Her mother defended Venus by stating that she has been naturally blessed with doll-like facial features and that she has never tried to influence anyone. Her mother further added that Venus, like any other girl, happens to love dolls and ribbons.
  • One of the reasons for her popularity is the fact that she posted all her videos at the right time. She had posted her videos at the time when the trend to look like dolls among young girls was at its peak. Also, Venus stood out in the crowd for the simple reason that her looks are natural and that her tutorials are easy to follow.
  • A popular TV channel named TLC got Venus to appear in an episode titled ‘I'm A Living Doll’ for the documentary show, ‘My Strange Addiction’, which was aired in 2014. Venus also won the ‘Thai Beauty and Culture Contest’ which was held in Gretzenbach in Switzerland. She won the 2011 bodyline modeling contest, which was organized by a Japanese fashion brand. She even went on to appear as a model for the brand. Venus was also featured in the music video of a song titled ‘I Love It,’ which was released in 2013.
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Personal Life
  • Venus was born Venus Isabelle Palermo on February 8, 1997, in Brugg, Switzerland. Her mother, Margaret Palermo, has always encouraged Venus in all her ventures.
  • As a kid, Venus was homeschooled. She later moved to the Netherlands and got herself enrolled at a school after she was denied admission in the United Kingdom. Venus is multilingual and can fluently speak and write English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Romansh and French.

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