Aparri Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: March 11, 2000 (Pisces)

Born In: United States

Aparri is probably the most popular ‘Animal Jam’ gamer of all time! Within a span of only a few months he gathered a decent number of subscribers on YouTube. At present he has over 300K subscribers on his YouTube channel. This mysterious gamer didnot reveal his real identity for a very long time; thus he has plenty of people stalking his other social media accounts to get a glimpse of the real ‘Aparri.’ He collaborates with other gamers for his YouTube videos and jams. His content intrigues his fans and keeps them always on their toes for his latest jams.

Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males


siblings: Joe, Sarah, Tom

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Massachusetts

City: New York City


In 2015, he launched his YouTube channel, Aparri, with a video titled Welcome to my channel. Prior to this, he had uploaded videos on the channel 7AJ in 2014, which he removed from YouTube and re-launched his channel with a different name Aparri. The second channel gained him more fame and within a month he had crossed 50K subscribers. Presently, his YouTube channel has more than 300K subscribers.

Aparri’s ‘Animal Jams’ are unique and creative. The National Geographic has partnered with the game, as it is very educational. It allows children to play the animal they choose to be and learn about the ecosystem and more about animals. In the game videos, Aparri partners with other players such as Bruizer, Wisteriamoon, Julian2 and Bepper. He has been playing Animal Jam since itsbeta days in 2012 and has mastered jamming. He jams very often and regularly keeps his viewers and fans posted by uploading more than two videos a week.

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What Makes Aparri So Special

Well that would certainly be his cute voice! Before one had seen who Aparri was, all his fans recognized him only by his voice. In July 2016 he posted a video on YouTube titled PO Box Opening where he opened mails from his fans. It turned that that his fans weren’t wrong, Aparri is a heartthrob! He is lean, tall and cute and has an innocent smile. Since then he has appeared in a number of videos. He is energetic and lively and so are his animal jams. Innovative and smart, Aparri is one of the most loved Animal jammers amongst the AJ community itself. That certainly speaks volumes as he is credited with possessing great talent and skill. Unlike other jammers he also used to create animal ‘Vines’. Aparri’s comic timing is impeccable. He shares a great rapport with his fellow gamers.

Family & Personal Life

Aparri was born on March 11, 2000, in Massachusetts. He has a sister named Sarah and two brothers named Joe and Tom. His sister is also an ‘Animal Jam’ gamer and is known by the name Bepper on the game. Aparri is close friends with fellow Animal jammers Wisteriamoon and Julian2. In his spare time he loves creating memes as well. Aparri loves munching and his favorite snack is ‘Purple Doritos’. His favorite color is red.

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