Jacob Ballinger Bio

(American YouTube Star)

Birthday: September 8, 2009 (Virgo)

Born In: California, United States

Jacob Ballinger is an American YouTuber who is part of the famous Ballinger family. His parents run the family YouTube channel ‘Ballinger Family’. The Ballingers are currently among the thriving families of an ever-expanding YouTube group of video bloggers who focus exclusively on their family lives. They post adorable and age-appropriate family vlogs almost every day which draws in a huge number of viewers. The channel has over 925k subscribers and over 92 million views. The family streams live every Friday, which is popular among their audience as they get to ask questions on the go. Jacob, by himself, has a YouTube channel that is managed by his mother, but he has made more appearances on the family channel. He is in a family on YouTubers who have been largely successful. His siblings Parker, Bailey, and Duncan are also actively involved in the vlogs. Jacob is often seen with his brothers playing, answering questions from other YouTubers, and helping his family. The channel’s success is evident by the fact that the family has often partnered with famous companies, including Goliath Games, IKEA.
Quick Facts

Age: 14 Years, 14 Year Old Males


father: Christopher Ballinger

mother: Jessica Ballinger

siblings: Bailey Ballinger, Duncan Ballinger, Parker Ballinger

U.S. State: California

Rise to Fame
Jacob Ballinger became famous when the Ballinger family started their YouTube channel ‘Ballinger Family’, which aims at creating entertaining but age-appropriate videos for families to watch. The videos generally tend to focus and record the kids’ creativity, hanging out with friends, going to fun events, exciting challenges, and other new fun experiences.
When Jacob was just four years old, he had performed ‘Love is an Open Door’ along with his aunt, Colleen, at a show in Salt Lake City. In one of Jacob’s most popular videos on the channel titled ‘Our Father & Son Day at Universal Studios’, Jacob and his father travel to Jacob’s favorite Universal Studios in Hollywood for a special day together. Other popular videos that focus on Jacob include ‘First Pair of Glasses’, ‘Jacob Broke His Foot’, ‘Jacob on the Drums’, and ‘Jacob’s 8th Birthday Special’. His most popular video is the vlog recorded on his 5th birthday.
Jacob Ballinger also has an individual YouTube channel titled ‘Jacob Ballinger’ which is run by his mother. This channel has over 26,000 subscribers and 173 k views. He recently went live in the video, ‘Q & A with Jacob’, where he answered questions from his YouTube fans. The Ballinger family is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Musical.ly (now known as TikTok). The family plans on recording the kids’ adventures for as long as they can. They are currently represented by The Machine, a digital entertainment and marketing company.
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Personal Life
Jacob Ballinger was born in the famous Ballinger family on September 8, 2009. His parents, Christopher and Jessica Ballinger, were high-school sweethearts who decided to settle in California and focus exclusively on YouTube. Christopher is a magician and a author and Jessica is a home maker. Jacob has three siblings: Bailey, Parker, and Duncan. His cousins Colleen, Miranda, and Rachel Ballinger are also internet celebrities. He is currently homeschooled by his mother. He loves building things with Lego, playing on the drums, and playing baseball. He also loves fishing. He is currently undecided about what he wants to study further, but has expressed his interest in going to college and completing higher studies. Jacob and his family currently live in California and have opened their P.O. Box to exchange communication with their online audience.

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