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GioFilms is an Australian YouTuber who is known for sharing video posts of him voice acting a variety of Reddit readings. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, birthday, family life, career and other fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 30, 2004

Nationality: Australian

Age: 15 Years, 15 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Taurus

Famous as: YouTuber

Popularity Index
Comedy YouTubers #129 YouTubers #1589
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GioFilms is an Australian YouTuber who is known for sharing video posts of him voice acting a variety of Reddit readings. Most of his Reddit readings are taken from well-known subreddits like r/crappydesign, r/therewasanattempt, r/woooosh, r/oopsdidntmeanto, r/iamverysmart and r/choosingbeggars, to name a few. His videos "r/facepalm Best Posts #3" and "r/crappydesign Best Posts #14" were the first ones to surpass a million views. From a novice YouTuber who started back in late 2015 to one of the quickest-rising YouTubers, GioFilms has come a long way on the platform. With over 785 subscribers to his credit, he is indeed ruling the social media world like a king. Extremely talented in every way, he also owns a secondary channel called ‘GioPlays’ where he uploads gameplay videos. Besides YouTube, GioFilms also owns a high-quality merchandise shop for custom designed t-shirts, hats, hoodies, signed posters, phone cases, mugs and a lot more. As a social media influencer, he has an incredible fans base on Instagram!

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Rise to Fame
  • GioFilms initially launched his gaming channel ‘GioPlays’ in August 2015. However, he didn’t begin posting on the channel until March 2019. Since then, he has uploaded a few gaming videos, all of which are highly interesting and entertaining. His second channel ‘GioFilms’ was created by the YouTuber in December 2015, and his first reddit post was ‘r/crappydesign Top Posts of All Time #2’. It was followed by a new reddit post titled 'r/softwaregore Top Posts of All Time'. On Jun 3, 2018, he came up with 'r/crappyoffbrands Best Posts #3' and roasted some of the top brands. This reddit video garnered a lot of attention and surpassed a million views in no time. As of now, it has generated over 2.3 million views.
  • Following the initial success, GioFilms’s Reddit readings journey continued, and he became known for voice acting a variety of Reddit posts. His Reddit readings include posts from various well-known subreddits, such as r/therewasanattempt, r/choosingbeggars, r/crappydesign, r/woooosh, r/dontfundme, r/boneappletea, r/iamverysmart and r/oopsdidntmeanto, to name a few. Three of his top Reddit reading videos are 'r/therewasanattempt Best Posts', 'r/crappydesign Best Posts #14' and 'r/therewasanattempt Best Posts #2'. All of them have garnered incredible popularity and are currently the three most watched videos of his channel. As of June 2019, they have managed to earn over 3.8 million, 3.7 million and over 2.9 million views, respectively. As for the current stats of ‘GioFilms’, the channel has over 785k subscribers, while ‘GioPlays’ has more than 38k subscribers.
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Family & Personal Life
  • GioFilms was born on April 30, 2004, in Australia. His real name is not known, and neither are the details of his parents, education, siblings, etc. He loves animals and has shared a number of photos of himself with Kangaroos on Instagram. GioFilms loves the idea of being weird instead of following the norms. He likes to make people laugh and travelling in his free time. He shares a great bond with YouTuber Michael Kucharski aka Slazo. The latter has gained stardom for his social media commentary, roasts and comedic meme videos.

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Last Updated : June 07, 2019

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