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(Russian-American YouTube Star)

Birthday: June 22, 1994 (Cancer)

Born In: Russia

Filip Koroy, more popularly known by his YouTube name EverythingApplePro, is among the most successful American tech YouTubers. He started his YouTube channel in 2009, when he was a teenager and began by uploading tutorials, hack, and tips to various games and gadgets. These videos ballooned in their popularity in no time, and Filip was flooded with requests to review gadgets as well as help many of his subscribers figure out optimal use of their phones and other devices. Over time, Filip started focusing exclusively on Apple products and this only increased his popularity. With hacks, drop tests, reviews, comparisons, and other tutorials for the new products released by Apple, his follower count increased and people increasingly relied on his verdict and opinions. Though he originally started YouTube as a typical tech reviewer, his skills and knowledge about Apple products and their counterparts made him so popular and successful. Presently, he is among the highest-earning millennials on YouTube.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Filip Koroy

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Males

Born Country: Russia

Rise to Fame
In a world that is rife with technological changes, many YouTubers and social media celebrities have taken it upon themselves to explore a new gadget in the market and provide an honest review for those who don’t know much about technology. These reviews and unboxings have attracted a large audience across the world as they are eager to see what changes each device brings. In such a scenario, Filip Koroy, who is often known by his channel’s name as EverythingApplePro, tapped into the market at the right time.
He began his social media journey by creating his YouTube channel as early as 2009. He started his journey by posting videos that helped users fix minor bugs and improve their gadgets. In an era where any free advice was god sent, Koroy’s YouTube channel took off and he started posting more videos. Among his early videos dating over ten years ago, the most popular ones include ‘How to Save Hours of IPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Battery Life’ and ‘How To Create A Magic Memory Stick 5.00 M33-4 For Any PSP Or Firmware (New Version)’. His tips, tricks, and solutions attracted many subscribers and new followers. Interestingly enough, Filip hid his identity from his followers for almost half of his YouTube career before disclosing it through a video in 2013.
Despite starting off as a run of the mill tech YouTuber, Filip’s fame soon became synonymous with the tech giant Apple. This trend began when he started reviewing and exclusively focusing on Apple’s products. He has been known to be the number one source for any information regarding Apple leaks, news, and reviews. He is most famous for solving iPhone bugs and glitches with simple tricks. His most popular videos include ‘Which Phone is More Bulletproof? Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone’ with 36 million views and ‘5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! (Some Illegal)’ with 19 million views.. Many have cited Filip as an internet sensation who single-handedly built his entire brand around a single product, carving a niche of its own in the long run. Today, he is among the first to review and unveil any new Apple product that hits the market. His reviews and tests help people in learning more about the product without having to spend a bomb on it.
Apart from his primary channel, Filip also has a secondary YouTube channel titled ‘OfficialPhoneRebel’, where he exclusively talks about Android phones. While he is not as active on this channel, it has a significant following nonetheless. Apart from raking it rich on YouTube, Filip has a commanding social media presence. His twitter follower count exceeds 230,000; he has close to 300,000 followers on Instagram; and his Facebook page has over 190,000 likes. Today, he is among the most successful and consistent YouTubers. His videos reach an average of 40 million views each month and he currently has over seven million subscribers on his channel.
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Family & Personal Life
Filip Koroy, more popularly known by his handle EverythingApplePro, was born on June 22, 1994 in Russia. Despite originally hailing from Russia, he has spent a majority of his years in Vancouver, Washington. Information about his early life is not available to the public. However, he frequently posts photographs of his sister, Amy Koroy, on his Instagram feed. Filip remains extremely reserved about his private life and hasn’t revealed any information about his relationships.
When Filip hadn’t disclosed his identity to the world yet, his fans and subscribers referred to him as Daniel and Filip decided to go along with this name for close to four years.
He also has in his possession every single model of the iPhone that has been released in the market so far.

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