Elle Cryssanthander Bio

(Swedish TikTok Star)

Birthday: January 26, 2005 (Aquarius)

Born In: Stockholm, Sweden

Elle Cryssanthander is a Swedish social media star who, along with her identical twin sister Iza Cryssanthander, is recognized for their joint accounts on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. They originally earned fame on Musical.ly (now TikTok) for posting funny clips and dance videos. They subsequently got viral fame for making the new record of having the largest number of girls dancing in one musical.ly video, which they achieved by organizing a dance routine featuring 114 girls in the field of their local football club IFK Stocksund on June 20, 2017. They are currently more focused on their growing YouTube career and regularly post videos on dance routines, challenges, vlogs, makeup and fashion videos, and musical.ly tips and tricks. They are represented by Starflow, which filmed their two-part mini web series 'Iza and Elle's Summer' in early 2019. They had participated in the #MultiplePhoneChallenge with a Musical.ly video inspired by Stien Edlund. The twins have also collaborated with Musical.ly stars Nina and Isa of the Isanina pair in one of their videos.
Quick Facts

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females


father: Lell Cryssanthander

mother: Stina Cryssanthander

siblings: Iza Cryssanthander, Smilla Cryssanthander

City: Stockholm, Sweden

Rise to Stardom
Elle Cryssanthander and her twin sister Iza first downloaded the app Musical.ly (now TikTok) in the summer of 2016, when they were only eleven years old. Both are good dancers, they found the app fun and cool, and decided to upload interesting short videos, often displaying their dance moves. It took them only till December 2016 to earn a huge enough fan following to receive their verification crown. Realizing their fame on the platform, their football club, IFK Stocksund, asked them in mid-2017, if they could help them in setting a world record, to which Elle and Iza readily agreed. Soon after, the two sisters asked their fans to sign up for the event if they were interested. They gathered 114 friends and fans in the football field of the club and made a Musical.ly video of the girls dancing, the steps of which were choreographed by them and posted on social media as well.
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Their football teammates were also included in the video to show camaraderie within the team and team spirit. The video immediately became viral for achieving the world record of most girls dancing to a Musical.ly video and further expanded their fan base, eventually earning them representation from Starflow. They currently have 5 million fans and 400 million hearts on their TikTok account @izaandelle. They also have over 710K followers on Instagram and over 682K subscribers on YouTube.
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Social Media Fame
Riding on their success on musical.ly, Elle Cryssanthander and her sister Iza began posting on Instagram in August 2016, starting with one of their popular musical.ly videos. Since then, they have regularly posted snaps and clips from their day-to-day life on the platform, which have amassed them a large number of followers. They also began uploading dance videos on YouTube in October that year, and soon expanded into other types of videos including challenges, vlogs, Q&A's, Musical.ly tutorials, product reviews and more.
While the channel was initially in Swedish, they soon changed it to primarily English following fan demand. They also posted their dance training videos and the behind-the-scene footage of their musical.ly world record. By October 2017, they reached 100k subscribers on the platform and celebrated the milestone by making a cake together. From there, it took them only six months to reach 300k subscribers, following which they posted a special vlog. They have already more than doubled that number and often post beauty and lifestyle videos alongside the regular ones. On February 10, 2019, they posted the first episode of their mini-series 'Iza and Elle's Summer', made in collaboration with Starflow. The second episode was released on the following month.
Family & Personal Life
Elle Cryssanthander was born on January 26, 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden to Lell and Stina Cryssanthander. She has an identical twin sister named Iza, who is one minute older than her. The twins also have an older sister named Smilla. While it is difficult to distinguish the identical twin sisters from one another, there are a few details that people close to them recognize: Iza is slightly taller than Elle, but has a thinner face; Elle has a small spot on her forehead, while Iza has one on her cheek; and Elle also has a mole near the eye. The two sisters can speak both Swedish and English. Both are interested in sports and play football at the local football club IFK Stocksund. The twins are also very talented dancers and showcase their skills on TikTok and YouTube. The two sisters have similar tastes and often wear similar clothes.

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