Cherry Hunt Bio

(American Social Media Star)

Birthday: May 29, 2000 (Gemini)

Born In: United States

Cherry Hunt is an American social-media sensation. Along with her younger brother, Kanan, Cherry posts comedy, lip-sync, beauty transition, and dance videos on their collaborative TikTok account. She also has an individual TikTok account. Cherry has two YouTube channels, one individual and another collaborative. She is popular on Instagram, too. Though her trademark curly brown hair has gained her a lot of followers, she is still single. She has featured her mother and siblings in many of her videos.

Quick Facts

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females


siblings: Kanan

Born Country: United States

Early Life & Family

Cherry Chyann Hunt was born on May 29, 2000, in the United States of America. She has a younger brother, Kanan Hunt, with whom she collaborates for her videos online. She has another brother, Kobee Hunt.

Not much is known about her parents, although she has featured her mother in one of her TikTok videos, which showed her driving a car. Not much information is available about Cherry’s education.

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She began her social-media career in 2016, when she launched her Instagram account, cherrychy_. Her first Instagram post, dating back to February 11, 2016, has her showing off her curly hair, with the caption “all haiirr.” She posts eye-catching photos of her life, including her pet kitten, on Instagram. Her account has gained more than 280 thousand followers.

In December 2019, she created a TikTok account with her brother Kanan. Named kctwinsss, the account hosts dance clips, beauty transitions, lip-sync videos, and comedy clips. The account has gained over 1.3 million followers and more than 24 million likes.

The siblings posted their first TikTok clip on December 29, 2019. The video showed them dancing to Blair’s All I Want of for Christmas is You. When speaking about the video, the siblings later said that they were on a vacation in Miami for Christmas back then and had decided to post a video for fun. They were surprised when the video received 756 views in just one day. They then decided to post more such videos.

Cherry and Kanan have collaborated with other TikTok sensations such as choby_hex, trvpandre, jeanvictorm, and dejuane.mccoy. They have also posted videos with DaBaby and ZaeHD.

Cherry also has an individual TikTok account, cherrychyy. She is known as “Princess Cherry” on her new account. The account has gained more than 5.5 million likes and over 413 thousand fans.

Cherry Hunt has a collaborative YouTube channel with Kanan, named kctwinss. The channel was created on February 11, 2020. It has gained more than 18 thousand subscribers and over 93 thousand views to date. Their first YouTube video, titled Q&A W/ THE KCTWINSS, was posted on April 17, 2020. It has earned more than 93 thousand views and over 7.1 thousand likes.

She also has an individual YouTube channel named Cherry Chy. The channel was created on August 21, 2013, but the first video on the channel was posted on July 13, 2020. Named MY FIRST VLOG!!// MALL DAY WIT THE HOMIES, the video has gained over 34 thousand views and more than 2.9 thousand likes. The channel has earned more than 9.56 thousand subscribers.

Cherry Hunt is also present on Snapchat, as chyannhunt.

Cherry as a Person

Cherry and Kanan revealed a lot of interesting facts about themselves in their YouTube Q&A video. They shot the video while eating their favorite delicacies.

Cherry Hunt revealed she has worked in customer service and as a waitress on weekends, which is why she can interact with unknown people with ease.

The duo also revealed that Cherry gets into trouble quite often and always begins arguments, though Kanan has mood swings.

Cherry Hunt loves traveling, and her favorite destinations are the Bahamas and Miami. Cherry is fluent in Spanish, as she learned the language in high school.

She has an extensive beauty routine and applies tea tree oil and bio oil to keep her skin supple. Cherry and Kanan have matching tattoos. They both have a red cardinal inked on their left arms.

According to Kanan, the best thing about Cherry is her goofy and funny personality. Cherry hates the fact that her brother is mean to her at times, while Kanan thinks Cherry is often too lazy.

Her natural curly hair and green eyes have captivated the hearts of her fans.


Cherry Hunt is probably single. She once mentioned that both Kanan and she had learned from their parents to not rush into relationships. She feels she is not ready to have a partner yet.

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