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(TikTok ( Star)

Birthday: March 14, 2001 (Pisces)

Born In: Florida

Talent, in today’s world, can be highlighted and brought forth faster and in many different ways. In the day and age of social media and the Internet, many a star is born frequently and Catalina Selman is one of them. Cat, as she is popularly known, is among those youngsters who became a celebrity owing to the internet and its various channels. She is the sister of the highly popular internet sensation Mario, but thanks to her attractive persona and latent talent, she is also a (now known as TikTok) star in her own right. She has more than 700,000 TikTok fans and over 330,000 instagram followers, making her a social media influencer on her own merit. Social media is the new mantra for fame in the world of internet, and Cat Selman has navigated through this quite well since she was first seen in this arena early in 2016. She is active on instagram and facebook but her favorite is twitter.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Cat Selman

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females


siblings: Mario Selman, Nacha Morel

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Florida

More Facts

education: Seacrest High School

Meteoric Rise To Stardom
Catalina first came to the fore when she posted a video with her brother, lip synching to popular songs together. This created quite a ripple in the social media pond. This got her thinking and she posted in her social media account, wondering if she should start posting her own videos, and got a resounding yes. This was a game changer and she is now slowly emerging as a person on her own, away from the shadow of her more popular brother. Though the siblings are close and do post some of their combined efforts, it is quite interesting to note that she has her own style and holds her own, too. They both complement each other and make a nice pair. Her videos with Mario helped boost her image on social media. She is a charming teenager who uses her expressive eyes and catches the pulse when it comes to what teenagers want. Besides, her love for fun and amusement leads her to experiment. Her videos are full of verve. She emotes mostly with her face and her hands, capturing the essence of the song. She adds a twist of her own as she performs, adding her bubbly dynamic personality to the mood of the song, making it all the more interesting to watch.
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What Makes Catalina Selman So Special
She is amazing with her array of emotions flitting across her face as she lip syncs. Her eyes and fingers talk and lips sync, engaging the viewer to see how she expresses the song in her own visual language. She sometimes transliterates the song with her fingers and expressions which is quite unique. Her style is somewhat different and Catalina can definitely use this in her favor. She has the potential and with some help from her brother Mario she can become the next internet sensation. Her primary attraction is that she uses her expressive eyes to convey her mood to the viewers.
Beyond Fame
Catalina launched herself in TikTok (earlier known as only in April 2016. She is new to the social media but she has garnered interesting reactions and a huge fan following in quite a short while. Her choice of songs is quite interesting. She is interested in modeling, YouTube and cheerleading. The general reaction to this charming teenager is that she is ‘hot’! There is a lot she can do and the future has lots of possibilities for this charismatic teenager who can express well with her eyes and face.
Behind The Curtains
She is a high school sophomore in Seacrest High School in South Florida. She is still single, quite attractive and as a teen her life is just beginning. She is quite close to her sister, Nacha and her brother Mario. Mario and Cat have made quite a few videos together. Mario is trying to collaborate with Hunter Rowland and Cat is also part of that story. There is a lot in the pipeline for this attractive teen who has quite a lot of potential. She comes across as a fun, lively and expressive person who is smart and expresses herself well. She loves to have a good laugh and makes her videos look natural, sometimes introducing her family to her viewers and giving them a glimpse of her close knit group at home.

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