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Brett Barrett, popularly known as TDBarrett, is a Canadian YouTube gamer. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him

Quick Facts

Birthday: December 4, 1996

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: TDBarrett

Born in: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 6'3" (190 cm), 6'3" Males

City: Halifax, Canada

More Facts

education: Saint Mary’s University, Canada

Popularity Index
Gamers #30 YouTubers #946
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Brett Barrett, popularly known as TDBarrett, is a Canadian YouTube gamer who gained fame after starting to post gameplay and commentary videos on his YouTube channel ‘TDBarrett’. He is most famous for playing the ‘Madden’ series of American football video games and ‘NBA 2K’ series of basketball simulation games. He has been posting videos since 2015 and his channel has gained more than 435k subscribers. He is one of the few YouTube gamers who had the stats of getting more than 280k views each day in 2017, making his channel one of the most popular gaming channels. ‘Can LeBron James Catch A Hail Mary Before Odell Beckham Jr Can Hit A Half Court Shot?’, ‘Could The Last 10 MVPS Together Go 164-0? NBA 2K17 Challenge’, ‘Can One 7 Foot 7 Steph Curry Defeat The Whole Cleveland Cavaliers Team? NBA 2K17 Challenge’, and ‘Can Steph Curry Hit A Full court Shot Before Shaq Can Hit A Three Pointer? NBA 2K17’ are some of the most popular videos on his channel.

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Before Fame
  • Brett Barrett was part of Saint Mary’s University football team at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The team won three straight championships. He also played football for his high school. At the end of his high school year, he started a YouTube channel called ‘’The Clutch Quarterback’ but deleted the account out of insecurity and after being heckled by viewers due to his inexperience.
  • After Brett Barrett had deleted his first YouTube channel he took some time off and then on September 14, 2014, launched his new channel ‘TD Barrett’. He published his first video ‘Madden 15 Ultimate Team + First Video + Antonio Brown Debut’ on November 23, 2015. The video received very few views but got a comment from another YouTuber ‘Galaxy Gaming’. It inspired him to create more videos and work harder and turn this into a career. His initial videos ‘Madden 15 Ultimate Team Pro Pack Bundle + Elite Pull !’, and ‘Madden 15 Ranked Game Titans vs Cowboys Live Commentary Part 1’ etc. only received a few hundred views. He struggled due to his lack of experience in video editing and also lacking the proper equipment to shoot videos.
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Rise to Fame
  • While his videos started improving through the months, it wasn’t until he posted ‘MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Gameplay Jose Bautista Best Power Hitter In The Game?’ that his channel received major views. The video became the first one to reach more than 58k views. He had mixed success following that. Videos like ‘Madden 16 Exclusive First Look Gameplay Jameis Winston Live In Action! Buccaneers Vs Jets E3 2015’ and ‘Madden NFL 16 Exclusive E3 Gameplay Bills Vs Jets Lesean McCoy And Brandon Marshall In Action!’ got more than 17k views each. But ‘Madden 15 Conference Championship in The Snow! CJ Spiller 200 Rushing Yards!’ and others received only a few hundred views.
  • 2016–2017 turned out to be great for Brett Barrett as he reached more than 400k subscribers. This was largely due to the popularity of videos like ‘Can Steph Curry Hit A Full court Shot Before Shaq Can Hit A Three Pointer? NBA 2K17’. The video published on November 25, 2016, has since become the most viewed on his channel with 2.5 million views. ‘Can One 7 Foot 7 Steph Curry Defeat The Whole Cleveland Cavaliers Team? NBA 2K17 Challenge’, ‘Tiny 99 Overall Players Vs Giant 0 Overall Players | NBA 2K17 Challenge’, ‘Who Can Return A Kick Faster? 99 Trucking OR 99 Speed? Madden NFL 18 Challenge’, and ‘Is It Possible To Kick A 100 Yard Field Goal? Madden NFL 18 Challenge’ are some of his most viewed videos on his channel. He also has another YouTube channel ‘Abliviate’, along with his girlfriend, where they take part in fun relationship challenges.
Personal Life
  • Brett Barrett was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on December 4, 1996. He has not revealed much about his parents on social media. Barrett has been in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Mandy McMullin. He went to Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and played football for the University team

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Last Updated : January 04, 2018
Brett Barrett

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