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(Youtube Star)

Birthday: January 10, 1986 (Capricorn)

Born In: Texarkana, Texas

Banks Lee is an American Youtube star. It has been almost more than a decade since he has been active on the video sharing platform and has managed to amass a large fan following over the course of the years that he has been active. He also happens to be a theme park enthusiast and is known to shoot videos on his antics involving the theme parks around the country. He also works for ‘Attractions Magazine’ as a video creator for the weekly video series of the magazine, which is also highly popular among the American youth. Even before he became famous, he was a theme parks lover and worked for Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Before starting his stint at Attractions Magazine, he briefly worked at WDW News Today, M & M’s World and the TV show ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’.
Quick Facts

Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Males

U.S. State: Texas

Rise to Stardom
His obsession with Walt Disney World started as a teenager and once he became an adult, he started working at the theme park. It was arguably the largest theme park in the entire country and hosted people from all over the globe.
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Banks describes his time in Walt Disney World as the transformative time of his career and that was exactly when he decided to make a career in the field. Rising through the ranks, he eventually became the Vice President of WDW News Today, the news portal of the theme park.
His other early career stints include a brief period time at Universal Orlando, M & M’s World and the TV show ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’. His popularity went international once he started with ‘Attractions Magazine’. He set up a YouTube channel in order to make the most out of the popular video sharing platform, when its popularity was rising like wildfire.
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As the ‘Attractions Magazine’ became sort of a yellow pages guide for the enthusiasts with similar interests, it grew in sales. The magazine covered major theme parks, restaurants, resorts and all the major tourist attractions along with the in-depth feature articles, news stories, conventions and fun events.
The YouTube channel started operating in 2007, and uploaded Attractions Magazine’s first video ‘Muppet Mobile Lab with Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew at Epcot’. The video turned out to be fairly successful.
The videos kept coming, but initially, they didn’t follow a routine and although the videos were getting pretty good views, the wait for a breakthrough was still getting long.
The big viral video finally hit the channel around the Halloween 2010, when the video ‘Halloween Horror Nights 17 Carnival of Carnage Opening Night’ gained more than a million views. It was the first video that came public’s notice and the subscriber base kept adding up.
Their stories on SeaWorld Orlando then crossed the 3 million mark in views, and the channel subsequently uploaded some more popular videos. One of their most popular videos till date was uploaded in 2012 and titled ‘Cheetah and Dog Friends Celebrate Anniversary Together at Busch Gardens Tampa’. By now, the video has gained more than 9 million views and is the most watched video on the channel.
Attractions Magazine also covered some parts of ‘American Idol 8’ in 2009 when it was held at the Walt Disney Studios. This further increased the popularity of the magazine and brought them into the mainstream limelight.
He also posts videos on his private YouTube channel ‘Banks Lee’. Though the subscriber base of his personal channel is not very high as of now, yet some of his videos of garnered huge views.
Family & Personal Life
Banks Lee was born in Texarkana, Texas, on 10th January 1986 into an average American family. Before plunging into the adventurous world of theme parks, he was a shy and introvert kid.
Banks Lee is engaged and although he keeps his private life out of the general public’s knowledge, it is a known fact that he became father to a baby girl, Spencer, in July 2014.
He is extremely close to his mother, Cathy Cox Lee, and he mentions that she was the one who made Banks Lee fall in love with the theme parks, particularly the Walt Disney World.
He also has set up a blog and frequently talks about the problems he faces due to his weight. He has tried several times to get rid of some extra pounds off his body but he finds it very difficult and gives up in the middle of the journey each time.

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