Andre Swilley Bio

(American Social Media Personality and TikTok Star)

Birthday: May 16, 1998 (Taurus)

Born In: Austin, Texas, Unite States

Andre Swilley is an American social-media personality. He has gained fame mostly for his entertaining (now known as TikTok) videos. This video-sharing application has provided a platform to many budding talents, and Andre is one of them. His incredible videos have already earned millions of 'TikTok' “hearts.” Andre has registered his presence on other social-media platforms, too, but has not received similar fan following there. He owns a 'YouTube' channel that hosts Andre’s challenges, pranks, and other funny videos. As an upcoming actor, Andre has mostly been involved with comedy. Many of his comedy clips are available on his 'Vine' account.
Social Media Fame
Andre grew up with a keen interest in acting. He had always wanted to make a career in the entertainment industry. Following his passion, Andre decided to begin with social media. He found the video-creating and video-sharing application 'TikTok' as the perfect platform to showcase his talent. He began posting his lip-sync videos on the account and soon caught the attention of many. In no time, his videos hit the million-mark in terms of viewership.
His videos have already received around 25 million 'TikTok' hearts to date. He has over 3 million fans on ‘TikTok.’ Following his remarkable success on ‘TikTok,’ Andre has often been requested to share tips on how to become famous on 'TikTok.' He has responded to those requests by posting videos on his 'YouTube' channel. Andre has also posted a number of video-editing tricks. He has posted many challenges and prank videos, too. The most popular video segment on the channel is where Andre reacts on the 'TikTok' videos made by other “musers.” He has posted reaction videos for his own 'TikTok' creations, too.
His YouTube channel, however, is nowhere close to his 'TikTok' account, as far as followers are concerned. With a little over 88 thousand subscribers, the channel is yet to gain momentum. The same is true for his other social-media accounts. None of his other social-media handles, be it his 'Instagram' account, his 'Twitter' handle, or his 'Vine' account, have acquired a million followers. Despite this, Andre has been able to make himself famous on social media. He also owns a line of merchandize, which he trades on the popular online shopping site ‘’ He visited his first 'Video Convention' in 2017 and has been part of many fests and tours.
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Personal Life
Andre Swilley was born on May 16, 1998, in Austin, Texas. Most of his childhood was spent in Texas. He has lived in various places in Texas. He later shifted to Galesburg, Illinois, where he spent most of his school days. Andre attended the 'Rogene Worley Middle School' and the 'Galesburg High School' there. Andre currently stays in Los Angeles, California.
Andre was the youngest of the three children of his parents. He has two older sisters. The Swilley family has spent some time in Dallas and Fort Worth before moving to Arlington.
Andre is a huge fan of the music artist Drake. He was once obsessed with the American actor and singer Raven-Symoné. He also wished to be cast in a musical.
Andre loves traveling. He wants to travel the whole world. His favorite American destinations are Florida and Hawaii. He is single at present but has a list of qualities he wants in his future girlfriend. According to him, his girlfriend should be well-groomed. Andre loves girls who take care of themselves. He loves girls with dimples.
Andre has an annoying habit of spending hours under the shower. He enjoys listening to music while in the shower.

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