Alen Vicente Ruiz Bio

(Spanish TikToker)

Birthday: November 19, 1993 (Scorpio)

Born In: Spain

Age: 30 Years

Alen Vicente Ruiz, a social media personality and celebrity family member, gained popularity by sharing engaging content on his _alen_vicente_ TikTok account. With over 100 million views on his videos, Alen quickly amassed a dedicated following before his account was eventually banned by the platform. He first entered the social media scene by collaborating with his brother on a YouTube channel, and his TikTok presence led to the creation of numerous fan accounts and imitators. In the summer of 2021, Alen shared an Instagram post featuring a photo taken in Altea, Spain, showcasing his adventures and expanding his reach to a global audience.


Hailing from Spain, Alen Vicente Ruiz is recognized as the sibling of renowned content creator xBuyer, further solidifying his ties to the digital entertainment industry. Alongside fellow Spanish content creator Jorge Garay, Alen has made significant strides in the online sphere, captivating audiences with his authentic and engaging content. Despite facing setbacks such as the ban of his TikTok account, Alen's impact on social media continues to resonate, illustrating his resilience and determination in the ever-evolving world of digital fame.

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