Palestine or State of Palestine is a partially recognized state in Middle East which gained its independence in 1988. It includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip and has East Jerusalem as its designated capital. The State of Palestine is headed by the President who serves as the head of the state. Other than this, he also serves as the president of the Palestinian National Authority. Traditionally, the president of the State of Palestine isn’t a democratically elected member. Instead, he is elected by the PLO or Palestine Liberation Organization. Following its independence, the PLO elected Yasser Arafat as the first President of the State of Palestine. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Arafat played an instrumental role in the negotiations at Oslo. In 1994, he was made President of the Palestinian National Authority. He served as the President of Palestine until his death in 2004 and was later succeeded by Mahmud Abbas. Abbas has been currently serving as the President of the State of Palestine since his formal appointment in 2005. However, before taking up the presidential duties, he served as the first prime minister of Palestinian Authority from March 2003 until September 2003. With this segment, find out more about Palestinian leaders, their political career and their personal life.
Yasser ArafatYasser Arafat
24 August 1929
1st President of the Palestinian National
Mahmoud AbbasMahmoud Abbas
26 March 1935
President of the State of Palestine and

Saint AnneSaint Anne
0050 BC
Mother of Virgin Mary

Justin MartyrJustin Martyr
0100 AD
Christian Apologist

Khalil Al-WazirKhalil al-Wazir
10 October 1935
Palestinian Leader and co-founder of Fatah

Marwan BarghoutiMarwan Barghouti
06 June 1959
Palestinian Political figure
Hanan AshrawiHanan Ashrawi
08 October 1946
Palestinian legislator

Biblical figure

Joseph of ArimatheaJoseph of Arimathea

Ahmed YassinAhmed Yassin
01 January 1937
Pope EvaristusPope Evaristus
17 April 0044
Bishop of Rome

Ismail HaniyaIsmail Haniya
29 January 1962

Abu DaoudAbu Daoud
19 May 1937
Palestinian militant

Pope Theodore IPope Theodore I
0600 AD

Salam FayyadSalam Fayyad
12 April 1952
Mohammad Amin al-HusayniMohammad Amin al-Husayni
1895 AD
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Rami HamdallahRami Hamdallah
10 August 1958

Faisal HusseiniFaisal Husseini
17 July 1940

Haidar Abdel-ShafiHaidar Abdel-Shafi
10 June 1919
Elias FreijElias Freij
1918 AD

Abū NiḍālAbū Niḍāl
30 April 1937
Palestinian leader
Abū ʿAlī MuṣṭafāAbū ʿAlī Muṣṭafā
14 May 1938
Palestinian nationalist