Discover the notable alumni of Kellogg School Of Management. The list includes people like Charlie Baker, George Stigler, Ali Babacan. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, miscellaneous, intellectuals & academics etc.
Charlie BakerCharlie Baker
13 November 1956, American
72nd Governor of Massachusetts
Eddie GeorgeEddie George
24 September 1973, American
American Football Players

Roshni NadarRoshni Nadar
1982 AD, Indian

John HoevenJohn Hoeven
13 March 1957, American

Ali BabacanAli Babacan
04 April 1967, Turkish
Politician, Diplomat

Kellogg School of Management has often appeared in the lists of top 10 business schools from around the world. Two campuses of this business school are situated in the state of Illinois alone and one in Miami, Florida. Many universities from India, China, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada and Thailand have apparently collaborated with Kellogg for academic purposes. Apart from being known as an institution which imparts education of great quality, Kellogg’s notable alumni association has also grabbed the attention of people from different parts of the globe. Bill McDermott, the CEO of the multi-billion dollar enterprise ‘SAP’, former chairman of Motorola - Christopher B Galvin, renowned Turkish political leader Ali Babacan and chief of the ‘The Allstate Corporation’, Thomas J Wilson, are a few noteworthy businessmen who had spent a lot of time at the classrooms and corridors of this famous institution. Bill McDermott has been an important part of renowned enterprises like ‘Xerox’ and ‘SAP’. He joined ‘SAP AMERICA’ in 2002 and served as its CEO for quite some time, after working in ‘Xerox’ for 17 years and earning many accolades for his service at the firm. Christopher B Galvin had enrolled for an MBA and eventually this Kellogg alumnus went on to work at several renowned enterprises. Here are a few other noteworthy celebrities who were once students of the Kellogg School Of Management. Their accomplishments in the corporate world have been outstanding and these individuals have set examples for millions to follow.