Jewish athletes have achieved several milestones in the past few decades and have played pivotal roles in the successes of their teams. Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg were two former Baseball players who represented the teams ‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ and ‘Detroit Tigers’ respectively. Koufax contributed as a pitcher to his team for a period of eleven years and played 12 seasons before hanging his boots. Mark Spitz is an American swimmer of Jewish descent who made the USA proud at the 1972 Olympic Games. He alone bagged around seven medals at the event, a feat which took many sports lovers and critics by surprise. Dara Torres, Sue Bird, Sasha Cohen and Lenny Krayzelburg are a few other famous Jewish athletes.
Bill GoldbergBill Goldberg
27 December 1966, American
Professional Wrestler
Al DavisAl Davis
04 July 1929, American
American Football Coach & Executive

Howard SchultzHoward Schultz
19 July 1953, American
Chairman & CEO of Starbucks

Dan GilbertDan Gilbert
17 January 1962, American

Dave RobertsDave Roberts
31 May 1972, Japanese
age 43

Harold AbrahamsHarold Abrahams
15 December 1899, British
Athletics competitor, Sprinter, Lawyer, Journalist
Dara TorresDara Torres
15 April 1967, American
Swimmer, Model

Brad GilbertBrad Gilbert
09 August 1961, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Dolph SchayesDolph Schayes
19 May 1928, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach
Greg JosephGreg Joseph
04 August 1994, South African
American Football player

Imi LichtenfeldImi Lichtenfeld
26 May 1910, Hungarian
Martial artist
Irina SlutskayaIrina Slutskaya
09 February 1979, Russian
Figure skater

Ben SaharBen Sahar
10 August 1989, Israeli, Polish
Association football player

Daniel MendozaDaniel Mendoza
05 July 1764, British

Alexandre LippmannAlexandre Lippmann
11 June 1881, French

Jason LezakJason Lezak
12 November 1975, American
Gai AssulinGai Assulin
09 April 1991, Spanish
Association football player

Rowdy TellezRowdy Tellez
16 March 1995, American
Baseball player

Helene MayerHelene Mayer
20 December 1910, German, American

Israel DaggIsrael Dagg
06 June 1988, New Zealander
Rugby union player
Amy AlcottAmy Alcott

Sylven LandesbergSylven Landesberg
10 April 1990, Austrian, Israeli, American
Basketball player
Helen JacobsHelen Jacobs
06 August 1908, American
Tennis Player

Herbert Cohen (fencer)Herbert Cohen (fencer)
07 June 1940, American

Eli DershwitzEli Dershwitz
23 September 1995, American
Roman KantorRoman Kantor
15 March 1912, Polish

Valery BelenkyValery Belenky
05 September 1969, Azerbaijani, German
Artistic gymnastics
Otto HerschmannOtto Herschmann
04 January 1877, Austrian

Ellen PreisEllen Preis
06 May 1912, Austrian, German

Giselle KañevskyGiselle Kañevsky
04 August 1985, Argentinian
Field hockey player
Jack BernsteinJack Bernstein
05 November 1899, American
Boxer, Screenwriter

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Albert AxelrodAlbert Axelrod
12 February 1921, American
Maria ItkinaMaria Itkina
03 May 1932, Belarusian

Allan JayAllan Jay
30 June 1931, British

Carina BenningaCarina Benninga
18 August 1962, Dutch
Field hockey player

Veronika VitenbergVeronika Vitenberg
09 September 1988, Belarusian
Rhythmic gymnast
Robert FeinRobert Fein
09 December 1907, Austrian
Byron KriegerByron Krieger
20 July 1920, American