Famous Indian Essayists

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 1 Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: May 19, 1934
Sun Sign: Taurus
Nationality: Indian
Sahitya Akademi Award-winning children’s author Ruskin Bond is best known for creating the protagonist Rusty, modeled on his childhood in Dehradun and found in his books such as The Room on the Roof. Many of his books, such as The Blue Umbrella have been made into films. 

 2 Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy
Famous As: Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Birthdate: November 24, 1961
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Indian
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 3 Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna
Famous As: Actor
Birthdate: June 20, 1972
Sun Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Indian

 4 Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: August 31, 1919
Sun Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Indian
Died: October 31, 2005

 5 Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
Famous As: Novelist, Screenwriter, Essayist, Writer, Diarist, Songwriter
Birthdate: January 21, 1908
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Indian
Died: July 5, 1994

 6 Nagarjun

Famous As: Poet
Birthdate: June 30, 1911
Sun Sign: Cancer
Nationality: Indian
Died: November 5, 1998

 7 Anita Nair

Anita Nair
Famous As: Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist, Children's writer
Birthdate: January 26, 1966
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Indian
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 8 Bharati Mukherjee

Bharati Mukherjee
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: July 27, 1940
Sun Sign: Leo
Nationality: Indian, American
Died: January 28, 2017

 9 Dharamvir Bharati

Dharamvir Bharati
Famous As: Poet, Journalist, Author, Writer
Birthdate: December 25, 1926
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Indian
Died: September 4, 1997