Find out more about the greatest Hungarian Scientists, including John von Neumann, Thomas Szasz, László Babai, Michael Polanyi and Albert Szent-Györgyi.
John von NeumannJohn von Neumann
28 December 1903
Albert von Szent-Györgyi Albert Szent-Györgyi
16 September 1893

Dennis GaborDennis Gabor
05 June 1900
Father of Holography

George A. OlahGeorge A. Olah
22 May 1927

Paul ErdősPaul Erdős
26 March 1913

Thomas SzaszThomas Szasz
15 April 1920
Psychiatrist, Scientist, Writer, University
Charles SimonyiCharles Simonyi
10 September 1948
Astronaut, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Michael PolanyiMichael Polanyi
11 March 1891
Philosopher, Economist, Chemist

Hans SelyeHans Selye
26 January 1907

George de HevesyGeorge de Hevesy
01 August 1885
Chemist, University teacher
Paul HalmosPaul Halmos
03 March 1916
Mathematician, Philosopher, Statistician

Peter LaxPeter Lax
01 May 1926
Mathematician, University teacher
Georg von BékésyGeorg von Békésy
03 June 1899
Hungarian researcher

Avram HershkoAvram Hershko
31 December 1937
Biochemist, Educationist, University teacher

George Andrew OlahGeorge Andrew Olah
22 May 1927
Chemist, Scientist, University teacher
László BabaiLászló Babai
20 July 1950
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Paul NemenyiPaul Nemenyi
05 June 1895
Peter Carl GoldmarkPeter Carl Goldmark
02 December 1906
Engineer, Physicist

Richard Adolf ZsigmondyRichard Adolf Zsigmondy
01 April 1865

Theodore von KarmanTheodore von Karman
11 May 1881