Famous German Geologists

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 1 Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener
Famous As: Polar Researcher
Birthdate: November 1, 1880
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Died: November 1, 1930

In the early 1900s, meteorologist Alfred Wegener did not find too many takers for his theory that all the continents of the world had initially been a single mass named Pangaea and that continental drift had caused them to split apart. Wegener died on his fourth expedition in Greenland.

 2 Ferdinand von Richthofen

Ferdinand von Richthofen
Famous As: Geographer, Traveler, Scientist
Birthdate: May 5, 1833
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Carlsruhe, Prussian Silesia
Died: October 6, 1905

Ferdinand von Richthofen, also known as Baron von Richthofen, was a German geographer who discovered quite a few places in and around China, thus contributing to his book China, the Results of My Travels and the Studies Based Thereon. He worked on chorography and chorology and also developed geomorphology.

 3 Friedrich Mohs

Friedrich Mohs
Famous As: German geologist
Birthdate: January 29, 1773
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Gernrode
Died: September 29, 1839

German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs is remembered for inventing a decimal scale used to measure the hardness of minerals, known as the Mohs scale. A professor at the University of Vienna, he later also became the curator of the Imperial Mineralogical Collection. He also laid down a system of classifying crystals.

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 4 Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
Famous As: Naturalist
Birthdate: April 19, 1795
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Delitzsch, Germany
Died: June 27, 1876

 5 Abraham Gottlob Werner

Abraham Gottlob Werner
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: September 25, 1749
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Prussia
Died: June 30, 1817

 6 Walther Penck

Walther Penck
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: August 30, 1888
Sun Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Died: September 29, 1923

 7 Karl Mauch

Karl Mauch
Famous As: Explorer
Birthdate: May 7, 1837
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Kernen, Germany
Died: April 4, 1875
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 8 Albrecht Penck

Albrecht Penck
Famous As: Geographer
Birthdate: September 25, 1858
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany
Died: March 7, 1945

 9 Christian Leopold von Buch

Christian Leopold von Buch
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: April 26, 1774
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Germany
Died: March 4, 1853

 10 Karl Alfred, knight von Zittel

Karl Alfred, knight von Zittel
Famous As: German paleontologist
Birthdate: September 25, 1839
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Bahlingen, Germany
Died: January 5, 1904

 11 Henno Martin

Henno Martin
Famous As: Geologist, University teacher
Birthdate: March 15, 1910
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Freiburg, Germany
Died: January 7, 1998

 12 Jean de Charpentier

Jean de Charpentier
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: December 8, 1786
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Freiberg, Germany
Died: December 12, 1855

 13 Johann Gottlob Lehmann

Johann Gottlob Lehmann
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: August 4, 1719
Sun Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel, Germany
Died: January 22, 1767

 14 Hans Cloos

Hans Cloos
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: November 8, 1885
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Magdeburg, Germany
Died: September 26, 1951

 15 Friedrich August von Quenstedt

Friedrich August von Quenstedt
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: July 10, 1809
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Eisleben, Germany
Died: December 21, 1889

 16 Walter Herman Bucher

Walter Herman Bucher
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: March 12, 1888
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Akron, Ohio, United States
Died: February 17, 1965

Best remembered for his research on the structures of the Earth’s crust, German-American geologist Walter Herman Bucher also taught at reputed institutes such as the University of Cincinnati and Columbia University. The Penrose Medal winner also penned works such as The Deformation of the Earth’s Crust.

 17 Ferdinand Zirkel

Ferdinand Zirkel
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: May 20, 1838
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Bonn, Germany
Died: June 11, 1912

 18 Adolf Overweg

Adolf Overweg
Famous As: Geologist
Birthdate: July 24, 1822
Sun Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Died: September 27, 1852

Adolf Overweg went down in history as the first person from Europe to circumnavigate Lake Chad. The German astronomer and geologist was part of a team that was sent to improve trade relations with Central Africa. Unfortunately, he died of a mysterious illness, which he contracted after swimming.

 19 Harry Rosenbusch

Harry Rosenbusch
Famous As: Petrographer
Birthdate: June 24, 1836
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Einbeck, Germany
Died: January 20, 1914

 20 Georg Christian Füchsel

Georg Christian Füchsel
Famous As: Physician
Birthdate: February 14, 1722
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Ilmenau, Germany
Died: June 20, 1773