Germany as a nation has contributed immensely to science and technology and some German biochemists have performed groundbreaking work in the field. In fact it was a German, Carl Alexander Neuberg, who is often referred to as the "father of modern biochemistry". He discovered the carboxylase and gave the elucidation of alcoholic fermentation which paved the way for further research in the field. Another pioneering German, Wilhelm Friedrich Kühne performed vital research on vision and the chemical changes occurring in the retina under the influence of light. While Karl Meyer worked on connective tissue and determined the properties of hyaluronan in the 1930s, Fritz Albert Lipmann became the co-discoverer of coenzyme A in the 1940s which earned him a share of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1953. Another German Nobel laureate, Konrad Emil Bloch, made significant discoveries concerning the mechanism and regulation of the cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous German biochemists.
Hans Adolf KrebsHans Adolf Krebs
25 August 1900
Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
03 December 1900

Heinrich Otto WielandHeinrich Otto Wieland
04 June 1877
Father of Biochemistry

Ernst Boris ChainErnst Boris Chain
19 June 1906

Albrecht KosselAlbrecht Kossel
16 September 1853

Otto Fritz MeyerhofOtto Fritz Meyerhof
12 April 1884
Physician and Biochemist
Konrad BlochKonrad Emil Bloch
21 January 1912

Robert HuberRobert Huber
20 February 1937

Hartmut MichelHartmut Michel
18 July 1948
Johann DeisenhoferJohann Deisenhofer
30 September 1943

Feodor LynenFeodor Felix Konrad Lynen
06 April 1911
Gerhard DomagkGerhard Domagk
30 October 1895
Biochemist, Physician, University teacher

Thomas C. SüdhofThomas C. Südhof
22 December 1955

Johanna BudwigJohanna Budwig
30 September 1908
Chemist, Biochemist, Inventor, Physician

Adolf ButenandtAdolf Butenandt
24 March 1903
Biochemist, Chemist, Politician, University

Rudolf JaenischRudolf Jaenisch
22 April 1942
Fritz Albert LipmannFritz Albert Lipmann
12 June 1899
American-German biochemist

Adolf WindausAdolf Windaus
25 December 1876

Heinz Fraenkel-ConratHeinz Fraenkel-Conrat
29 July 1910

Hans KosterlitzHans Kosterlitz
27 April 1903
Rudolf SchoenheimerRudolf Schoenheimer
10 May 1898