Discover the notable alumni of Dongduk Women's University. The list includes people like Lee Sung-kyung, Seo Hyun-jin, Jeon So-min, Lee Si-young & Kim Ah-joong. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, singers, fashion etc.
Lee Si-youngLee Si-young
17 April 1982, South Korean
South Korean Actress
Lee Sung-kyungLee Sung-kyung
10 August 1990, South Korean
Actress, Model

Seo Hyun-jinSeo Hyun-jin
27 February 1985, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Jeon So-minJeon So-min
07 April 1986, South Korean
Actress, Model

Kim Ah-joongKim Ah-joong
16 October 1982, South Korean

Lee Soo-kyungLee Soo-kyung
13 March 1982, South Korean
Seo HyelinSeo Hyelin
23 August 1993, South Korean
South Korean Singer