The Famous Cast Of The Brady Brunch. I Am Soaked In Nostalgia!

People who grew up in the late 1960’s and early 70’s would probably remember the sitcom ‘The Brady Brunch’. People who were teens and kids at that time claim that the show was extremely popular and had got many viewers across America glued to their television sets. This acclaimed show about a family of six kids, was aired for approximately five years on the channel ‘ABC’. The impressive ensemble of ‘The Brady Brunch’ included seasoned actors like Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B Davis, Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick. Most movie buffs of today would probably be aware of how great an actor Robert Reed was. Reed has also been a part of other television projects like ‘Medical Center’ and ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’, which earned him Primetime Emmy nominations. The popularity of the Brady Brunch series led to the making of several other Brady Bruch television films, especially during the period 1977-90. Here’s more about ‘The Brady Brunch’ for people who know little about this yesteryear sitcom.
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Eve Plumb
Eve Plumb
Birthdate: April 29, 1958
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