Canada has exerted a dominant influence on the world music. Be it pop, rock or hip-hop, Canadian singers and musicians have excelled it all and shone amongst the greatest musicians and singers from across the globe. Talking about rock n roll, this music genre emerged in the mid-20th century in the American colonies. Soon, it gained widespread appeal as artisans from other countries imbibed the culture and became masters of the genre. In Canada, earliest form of rock music was inspired by their American and British counterparts. Soon, Canadian rock stars developed their own style and music type which gained much popularity. Ever since then, Canada has had a considerable impact on the development of rock as a modern popular music. Paul Anka was undoubtedly the first Canadian rock star. His song, ‘Diana’ helped him become a teen idol sensation. Furthermore, he was the first Canadian to have a number one on the US Billboard chart in rock and roll. The Beaumarks was a hit rock band of the 1960s. Their ‘Clap Your Hands’ was the first Canadian made and produced rock recording. Other popular rock stars include Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, and so on. Find out more about Canadian rock singers, their life and their musical quests through this section.