Ask a traveller and you shall be surprised to know that Myanmar has become a hot pick for people exploring Southeast Asia. From its decades of isolation and remoteness, Myanmar is fast emerging and opening itself to public, foreigners and tourists. On a rapid transition spree, Myanmar has come off since its harsh military rule days and is growing into a country free from oppression. For travellers and explorers, the country is enriched with several eye-opening sites – be it the ancient temples or the majestic rivers, the floating gardens or the traditional teak villages. In this fast developing world, there is a strong sense of old Orient in Myanmar wherein people still practice Buddhism as a way of life. Though the country is opening up the 21st century stigmas, its traditional way of life is barely intruded by the same. And helping keep its culture and traditions strongly rooted but at the same time taing a step towards modernity and contemporary are its leaders, dynamic and strong, who are slowly paving way for Myanmar’s transition into a new government since 2012. Htin Kyaw is the incumbent President of the country who serves both as the head of the state and the government. Check this section further to find out valuable information regarding Myanmar/Burmese leaders, their life and works.
Aung San Suu KyiAung San Suu Kyi
19 June 1945
Political Leader (Freedom Fighter) of Myanmar
U ThantU Thant
22 January 1909
3rd Secretary General of the U.N.

Ne WinNe Win
14 May 1911
Burmese Politician

Thein SeinThein Sein
20 April 1945
President of Myanmar

Htin KyawHtin Kyaw
20 July 1946
President of Burma

General Aung SanGeneral Aung San
13 February 1915
Khun SaKhun Sa
17 February 1934
drug lord, entrepreneur

Than ShweThan Shwe
02 February 1933
Politician, Military personnel

U NuU Nu
25 May 1907
Ba MawBa Maw
08 February 1893

Saw MaungSaw Maung
31 December 1928
Khin KyiKhin Kyi
16 April 1912

U SawU Saw
16 March 1900

Maung MaungMaung Maung
11 January 1925
Political leader

Saya SanSaya San
24 October 1876

Maha BandulaMaha Bandula
06 November 1782
Sein LwinSein Lwin
27 January 1924

San YuSan Yu
03 March 1918

Shwe MannShwe Mann
11 July 1947
Military personnel, Politician

Thakin Than TunThakin Than Tun
1911 AD
Soe WinSoe Win
10 May 1947
Prime minister

Win TinWin Tin
12 March 1930