Famous People From Austria
If you thought that Austria has only given the world musical marvels like Haydn, Schubert, Mozart, Liszt, and J. Strauss, know that this European country has been home to some equally extraordinary, phenomenal, and world-class physicians too, whose perseverance, healing touch, innovation and compassion radicalized the world of medicine like nothing else. They are pioneers, teachers, researchers, healers, and inventors whose contributions to health and medicine are not only gargantuan, but hugely inspiring too. Where would the world be today without their path-breaking contribution to health science? Medicine and the world in general, would be forever be indebted to the sheer medical ingeniousness and accomplishments of top-notch Austrian physicians like Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Beiglböck, Karl Stoerk, Hugo Jury, and Friedrich Kraus, who rewrote the course of medical history. Had it not been for their sheer passion and conviction, medical science would not be what it is today? Let us explore the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives of these famous Austrian physicians in the biographies below who worked their way to the top and are fondly remembered as medical wonders of their time.
Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
06 May 1856
Viktor FranklViktor Frankl
26 March 1905

Ignaz SemmelweisIgnaz Semmelweis
01 July 1818

Wilhelm ReichWilhelm Reich
24 March 1897

Alfred AdlerAlfred Adler
07 February 1870

Hans AspergerHans Asperger
18 February 1906
Theodor BillrothTheodor Billroth
26 April 1829

Róbert BárányRóbert Bárány
22 April 1876

Aribert HeimAribert Heim
28 June 1914
Military physician, Ice hockey player, Torturer,
Bruno BettelheimBruno Bettelheim
28 August 1903
Writer, Psychologist, University teacher,

Eduard BlochEduard Bloch
30 January 1872
Arthur SchnitzlerArthur Schnitzler
15 May 1862
Writer, Playwright, Physician, Screenwriter,

Otto F. KernbergOtto F. Kernberg
10 September 1928
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, University teacher,

Richard von Krafft-EbingRichard von Krafft-Ebing
14 August 1840

Josef BreuerJosef Breuer
15 January 1842
Physician, Psychologist, University teacher,

Hans SelyeHans Selye
26 January 1907
Irmfried EberlIrmfried Eberl
08 September 1910
Physician, Psychiatrist

Otto GrossOtto Gross
17 March 1877
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, Physician

Julius Wagner-JaureggJulius Wagner-Jauregg
07 March 1857
Physician, Politician, Neurologist, Psychiatrist,

Jacob L. MorenoJacob L. Moreno
18 May 1889
Peter SafarPeter Safar
12 April 1924

Rudolf DreikursRudolf Dreikurs
08 February 1897
Georg Joachim RheticusGeorg Joachim Rheticus
16 February 1514

Viktor E. FranklViktor E. Frankl
26 March 1905

Clemens von PirquetClemens von Pirquet
12 May 1874
Bénédict MorelBénédict Morel
22 November 1809

Leopold AuenbruggerLeopold Auenbrugger
19 November 1722
Fred NadelFred Nadel
24 April 1903

Anton EiselsbergAnton Eiselsberg
31 July 1860

Karl SchönherrKarl Schönherr
24 February 1867
Karl KollerKarl Koller
03 December 1857