They are everywhere — on your television, in cinemas, on runways and ramps, and even in magazine pages. They are the ones who make you laugh, cry, and emote hard to all kinds of situations. They raise attendances in parties, functions, and charity events, earn millions of dollars every year, and run the most competitive industry in the world. They are the men of the showbiz. They are entertainers. America has been the hotbed of entertainers forever. We have had entertainers like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kanye West, Howard Stern, Charlie Hunnam, Jimmy Kimmel, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, and Bryan Cranston entertaining the world with their sheer ingenuity and talent. From rocking the stage to wowing us on screens, these stackers of entertainment won the world with their appeal, acclaim, popularity, and originality. Let us acquaint ourselves with some of America's most famous entertainers as we explore their timelines, trivia, and facts in the biographies below.
Bob BarkerBob Barker
12 December 1923
Television Game Show Host
Bob HopeBob Hope
29 May 1903

Bill NyeBill Nye
27 November 1955

Bam MargeraBam Margera
28 September 1979

13 June 1974

Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edwards
16 January 1980
Drag Performer
Sahara DavenportSahara Davenport
17 December 1984
Drag Queen

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren
06 February 1931

David BrudnoyDavid Brudnoy
05 June 1940
Talk Radio Host

Daniela RajicDaniela Rajic
12 November 1990
Kia ProctorKia Proctor
16 October 1988

Rudy Ray MooreRudy Ray Moore
17 March 1927
Actor, Film producer
AJ McLeanAJ McLean
09 January 1978
Singer, Musician

Lance BassLance Bass
04 May 1979
Film producer, Film actor, Singer, Actor, Dancer,

Jenna UshkowitzJenna Ushkowitz
28 April 1986
David GestDavid Gest
11 May 1953

Chris KirkpatrickChris Kirkpatrick
17 October 1971
Singer, Musician
Terri NunnTerri Nunn
26 June 1961

Brett RossiBrett Rossi
21 May 1989
Glamour Model

Gypsy Rose LeeGypsy Rose Lee
08 January 1911
Virginia MayoVirginia Mayo
30 November 1920

Chris PontiusChris Pontius
16 July 1974
Actor, Television actor
General Tom ThumbGeneral Tom Thumb
04 January 1838
Circus performer

Kagney Linn KarterKagney Linn Karter
28 March 1987

Connie SmithConnie Smith
29 April 1875

Noël WellsNoël Wells
23 December 1986
Wavy GravyWavy Gravy
15 May 1936
Comedian, Street artist, Circus performer, Writer
Phil SilversPhil Silvers
11 May 1911
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Deniece WilliamsDeniece Williams
03 June 1950

Emo PhilipsEmo Philips
07 February 1956
Actor, Film actor

Arthur GodfreyArthur Godfrey
31 August 1903
Actor, Officer, Television presenter, Radio
Dolores HopeDolores Hope
27 May 1909

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Adrian CronauerAdrian Cronauer
08 September 1938
Lawyer, Radio personality

Earl NightingaleEarl Nightingale
12 March 1921
Motivational speaker, Author, Actor, Writer, Radio

Louise MandrellLouise Mandrell
13 July 1954
Singer, Songwriter

Hank the Angry Drunken DwarfHank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
20 April 1962
Radio personality
Tod BrowningTod Browning
12 July 1880

Bert WilliamsBert Williams
12 November 1874
Actor, Screenwriter, Stage actor
Roscoe OrmanRoscoe Orman
11 June 1944
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Writer,

Frances LangfordFrances Langford
04 April 1913

Judy TenutaJudy Tenuta
07 November 1956
Actor, Writer, Record producer, Musician
Justin WillmanJustin Willman
11 July 1980
Stage magician

Marjorie ReynoldsMarjorie Reynolds
12 August 1917
Rudy ValleeRudy Vallee
28 July 1901

Manny PuigManny Puig
13 February 1954

Jilly RizzoJilly Rizzo
06 May 1917
Restaurateur, Actor

Lotta CrabtreeLotta Crabtree
07 November 1847

Jennifer MillerJennifer Miller
1961 AD
circus performer, writer
Gelett BurgessGelett Burgess
30 January 1866

Robert OrbenRobert Orben
04 March 1927
Stage Magician, Writer

Lois LiliensteinLois Lilienstein
10 July 1936

James A. BaileyJames A. Bailey
04 July 1847