The personality of September 4 people is under the influence of planet, Mercury and Uranus. Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 4th September and also know more about their personality traits.

Famous People Born On September 4th

Astrological influence of the two planets, Mercury and Uranus, form the probability of the personality of individuals with the September 4 birthday. As such, these two planets are mainly responsible for the uniqueness of their personality. Charming and sensitive, individuals with this birthday are blessed with self-confidence. They are bold in their approach but do not get pushy. Talented and skilled, they excel at any task they put their heart in. What’s more, since these people have great organizational skills, they have the ability to go far in life. However, September 4 individuals have an attention seeking nature which can cause unpredictable behaviour, such as feeling confused, overreacting, being inflexible or getting angry soon. September 4th individuals need to control the same to lead a good life.

  • Anthony De Mello
    Anthony De Mello

    Famous as: Authored books related to spirituality, lectures and spiritual conferences

    Died on: 02 June 1987

    Born in: India


    Nationality: Indian

    Year Of Birth: 1931

  • Anton Bruckner
    Anton Bruckner

    Famous as: Composer

    Died on: 11 October 1896

    Born in: Ansfelden


    Nationality: Austrian

    Year Of Birth: 1824

  • Antonin Artaud
    Antonin Artaud

    Died on: 04 March 1948

    Born in: Marseille, France


    Nationality: French

    Year Of Birth: 1896

  • Beyonce Knowles
    Beyonce Knowles

    Born in: Houston

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1981

  •  Dadabhai Naoroji
    Dadabhai Naoroji

    Died on: 30 June 1917

    Born in: Bombay, British India


    Nationality: Indian

    Year Of Birth: 1825

  • Dallas Willard
    Dallas Willard

    Died on: 08 May 2013

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1935

  • Daniel Burnham
    Daniel Burnham

    Died on: 01 June 1912

    Born in: Henderson


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1846

  • Edward Bates
    Edward Bates

    Famous as: Lawyer

    Died on: 25 March 1869

    Born in: Goochland County, Virginia, U.S.


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1793

  • Geoffrey Chaucer
    Geoffrey Chaucer

    Famous as: Poet

    Died on: 25 October 1400

    Born in: London


    Nationality: Briton

    Year Of Birth: 1903

  • Joan Aiken
    Joan Aiken

    Famous as: Writer

    Died on: 04 January 2004

    Born in: Rye, East Sussex, England


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1924

  • Richard Nathaniel Wright - American Author
    Richard Wright

    Died on: 28 November 1960

    Born in: Roxie


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1908

  • Clive William John Granger
    Sir Clive William John Granger

    Famous as: Economist

    Died on: 27 May 2009

    Born in: Swansea


    Nationality: Briton, Welsh

    Year Of Birth: 1934

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 4

Ambitious and charming, people born on September 4th are blessed with distinctive traits and characteristic features. Unlike other Virgoan’s, individuals with this birthday are endowed with a careful, analysing and perceptively sensitive nature. In addition to being patient and diligent, there is a strong need for order, stability and structure in these people. As such, these people are quite efficient at planning and blessed with organizational skills. They are confident about their beliefs and tend to keep their insecurities at bay. Though September 4th born individuals would listen to the opinion and advice of others, they trust their abilities and follow their heart while acting on the same. Intellectually proficient, these people are sort of perfectionist at what they do.

Health concern for individuals born on September 4 is a relentless issue. Unlike others, people with this birthdate are overactive and always on the go. This energetic disposition may lead to lack of sleep and proneness to skipping meals. Due to the same, they are more likely to have accidents. It is recommended for these individuals to slow down and relax for some time. Avoiding extreme mental stress, tension and anxiety is a good way to deal with health issues. People with this birthdate should focus their energies towards their well-being. They should not miss on their appointments with dentist as well as dental problems can occur to these individuals.

Financial security is never a concern for individuals with this birthdate. They adopt a prudent attitude towards living and rarely go outside their budget limit. As such, these individuals are able to save a great amount of money. Impulsive buying and gambling are not seen in individuals born on this day.

It is highly unlikely to find an individual born on this date take up a mundane vocation as his/her profile. Regular 9 to 5 jobs are not what September 4th individuals aim for. They are ambitious and look for unusual and challenging occupation as their profession. Work satisfaction holds much more importance than rate of pay while selecting a job or a profession for a September 4th individual. When they take up an ideal job profile, these individual excel due to their diligent, patient and competent temperament.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are sacrosanct for Virgo’s born on this date. They greatly esteem their relationships and value them. September 4th people are great at making friends and consider friendship at the stepping stone of love. On the outside, these people may be reserved and indifferent, but inside, they seek for a partner with whom they can share a loving bond. People with this birthday often take a long time to commit to a relationship as they find it hard to open up emotionally. However, once they found the right partner, they are extremely compassionate and devoted. A perfect lover for September 4th individual is one who shares similar aims and satiates the need of the former for being cherished and appreciated. Children form an important part in the life of September 4th individuals. They are liberal in their upbringing method and understanding in their disposition.

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