Scorpio women are passionate females who are blessed with magnetic eyes and interesting nature. Know more about personality traits of Scorpio woman.

Famous Scorpio Women

If life was all about living either black or white, without shades of grey, then Scorpions would be the only living souls on Earth! For every other zodiac sign has the tendency to move into the grey line every now and then, except the Scorpion! If you don’t believe us, here are some telltale signs. A Scorpio loves passionately and hates passionately. There is no middle ground for him/her. When in love, a Scorpio would immerse you into a pool of passion but if the love turns into hatred, he/she would not take a moment before giving you lasting scars. A Scorpion is honest but to the extent that his/her honesty can turn brutal for you. A Scorpion would attract the attention of all but remain loyal to one. Need more? Peek-a-boo into the life of a Scorpion woman and you would know everything else. She is a charmer in her own right with a magnetic presence that is absolutely overpowering. But, don’t get carried away by her gently mannerism and soft disposition. She has the capability to make the most raring of tempest occur. There is a mysterious quality about Scorpio woman, as she is intensely private, discrete and secretive. There is much to her personality than what meets the eye and thus, it is rightly said that a Scorpion female can be a bundle of surprise for many. To know more about the characteristic features of a Scorpio female, browse through the following lines.

  • Abigail Adams
    Abigail Adams

    Famous as: Second First Lady of the United States

    Born on: 11 November 1744

    Died on: 28 October 1818


    Born in: Greenville

    Nationality: American

  • Anne Sexton
    Anne Sexton

    Famous as: Poet

    Born on: 09 November 1928

    Died on: 04 October 1974


    Born in: Newton, Massachusetts, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Bjork Guomundsdottie

    Born on: 21 November 1965

    Born in: Reykjavik


    Nationality: Icelandic

  • Condoleezza Rice
    Condoleezza Rice

    Born on: 14 November 1954

    Born in: Birmingham, Alabama


    Nationality: American

  • Demi Moore
    Demi Moore

    Born on: 11 November 1962

    Born in: Roswell, New Mexico


    Nationality: American

  • Dorothy Day
    Dorothy Day

    Born on: 08 November 1897

    Died on: 29 November 1980


    Born in: Brooklyn

    Nationality: American

  • Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
    Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

    Famous as: Musician and Composer

    Born on: 14 November 1805

    Died on: 14 May 1847


    Born in: Hamburg

    Nationality: German

  • George Elliot
    George Elliot

    Famous as: Author and Novelist

    Born on: 22 November 1819

    Died on: 22 December 1880


    Born in: Warwickshire, England

    Nationality: Briton

  • Grace Slick
    Grace Slick

    Born on: 30 October 1939

    Born in: Evanston


    Nationality: American

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton

    Born on: 26 October 1947

    Born in: Chicago


    Nationality: American

  • Indira Gandhi
    Indira Gandhi

    Born on: 19 November 1917

    Died on: 31 October 1984


    Born in: Allahabad

    Nationality: Indian

  • Jodie Foster
    Jodie Foster

    Famous as: Actress & Director

    Born on: 19 November 1962


    Born in: Los Angeles

    Nationality: American

  • Kathy Griffin
    Kathy Griffin

    Born on: 04 November 1960

    Born in: Oak Park, Illinois, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Laura Bush
    Laura Bush

    Famous as: Former First Lady

    Born on: 04 November 1946


    Born in: Midland, Texas

    Nationality: American

  • Lee Grant
    Lee Grant

    Famous as: Actress

    Born on: 31 October 1925


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • Margaret Atwood
    Margaret Atwood

    Famous as: Writer, Environmental Activist

    Born on: 18 November 1939


    Born in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Nationality: Canadian

  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette

    Born on: 02 November 1755

    Died on: 16 October 1793


    Born in: Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

    Nationality: Austrian, Australian

  • Marie Curie
    Marie Curie

    Famous as: First woman to win a Nobel Prize

    Born on: 07 November 1867

    Died on: 04 July 1934


    Born in: Warsaw

    Nationality: Polish, Soviet Russian

  • Nadine Gordimer
    Nadine Gordimer

    Famous as: Writer, Political Activist

    Born on: 20 November 1923


    Died on: 13 July 2014

    Born in: Transvaal, South Africa

  • Natalie Merchant
    Natalie Merchant

    Born on: 26 October 1963

    Born in: Jamestown, New York, USA


    Nationality: American

  • Rachel McAdams
    Rachel McAdams

    Born on: 17 November 1978

    Born in: London


    Nationality: Canadian

  • Sally Field
    Sally Field

    Born on: 06 November 1946

    Born in: Pasadena


    Nationality: American

  • Sarah Joy Brown
    Sarah Brown

    Born on: 18 February 1975

    Born in: Eureka, California


    Nationality: American

  • Sarah Jane Brown - Business Woman
    Sarah Jane Brown

    Born on: 31 October 1963


    Nationality: Briton

  • Mary Sean Young - American Actress
    Sean Young

    Born on: 20 November 1959

    Born in: Louisville


    Nationality: American

  • Sylvia Plath
    Sylvia Plath

    Famous as: Poet, Novelist, and Writer

    Born on: 27 October 1932

    Died on: 11 February 1963


    Born in: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Tara Reid
    Tara Reid

    Born on: 08 November 1975

    Born in: Wyckoff, New Jersey, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Whoopi Goldberg
    Whoopi Goldberg

    Born on: 13 November 1955

    Born in: Manhattan


    Nationality: American

  • Winona Ryder
    Winona Ryder

    Born on: 29 October 1971

    Born in: Olmsted County, Minnesota, U.S


    Nationality: Briton, American

Scorpio Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Attractive looks, penetrating eyes, magnetic personality, and friendly disposition – Scorpion females are rarely the ones whom you can overlook. In fact, once caught in their captivating and hypnotic eyes, you can never be totally neutral towards them. Scorpion females exude an aura that not many can elude from. Intelligent, intuitive, controlling and passionate, Scorpion females are self-confidant and self-possessed females who draw men to themselves from every walk of life. They are brilliantly sharp and only focus on the fundamental essence of any issue. Due to their intuitive nature, Scorpio females can easily make out the real intentions of men and know what exactly is playing their mind. They have a mystical sixth sense which helps them to understand people and circumstances better. But what separates a Scorpio woman from the rest is her burning passion. Females under this sun sign are intensely passionate and never ever display a casual attitude. In fact, whatever they do, they do so with complete fervour and enthusiasm. Scorpion women are honest by nature and rarely tread the unfair or fraudulent path. They are loyal individuals and expect the same of their loved ones. They choose their friends very carefully and only maintain everlasting relationships with the credible ones.

The Dark Side
The idea of sharing the life with a Scorpion woman can be quite enticing and why not, for who can resist the charm and magnetic aura of her personality? But pause and ponder, a Scorpion woman also has a dark side to her being which not many can endure. Having said that, the trait that tops the list, while discussing the negative characteristic features of Scorpion females, is their over possessive nature. Just a slight ray of suspicion and boom! You will be exposed to her dark self that is quite intimidating and nerve-racking. Often known as green-eyed females (not literally), Scorpio women fiercely guard the people they love. As such, even a teasing stare or a friendly flirt can get the volcano to wake up from its state of dormancy. Since Scorpion females are revengeful, if betrayed they can go to any length to avenge the betrayal. Scorpion females are known for their     temperamental nature and have a rage that is not worth experiencing. Another trait that is typical of Scorpio females is their stubborn nature. By far, all Scorpion females are controlling and demanding. As such, they are bounded by their own theory and can get very stubborn if forced to look from other’s point of view.

Romance Quotient
Romancing a Scorpio female is like experiencing a rollercoaster ride. The highs and lows can be quite exhausting and draining for the person concerned but, without a doubt, it is worth experiencing. Probably, this is the reason why they say that you can never really know the true intensity of romance if you haven’t been involved with a Scorpion female! Passionate, intense and a no-inhibition woman, Scorpio female is an enigma in the exact sense. She is enormously passionate and at the same time, surprisingly emotional too. In matters of love, a Scorpion woman isn’t the one who would come up with a yes immediately. In fact, expect her to take her own sweet time. Only when she is sure if your love to her would she reveal her feelings for you. Scorpio women are bowled over by men who are attractive, ambitious, intellectual, philosophical and masculine. They are impressed by those who can deal with tough situations and have a go-getter attitude. While a Scorpio woman happily hands over the reins of control to her lover, in crises situations, she can play the role of the leader with full conviction and can bring the two ashore from the high tides. To get close to a Scorpio woman, all you need to do is behave like a chivalrous man who can lead from the front and at the same time respect her individuality.

Once committed, a Scorpio woman is extremely loyal and faithful towards her lover and expects the same in return. Even healthy flirtation can make you face the wrath of a Scorpio female. In fact, be prepared for a little jealousy on your end while dating a Scorpio girl as there would be umpteen men who would be drooling for her. But take control of your emotion as she isn’t the one who would leave you for anyone else. In fact, she would remain loyal and devoted to you in the worst of circumstances. For a Scorpion female, the future, the happiness and the dreams of her husband hold supreme importance. She would protect and stand by him even in the worst of situations and encourage him ceaselessly.  She is the one who believes in supporting her husband rather than overshadowing him. Once you win her love, you will never be lonely again. Expression of love for a Scorpio female has a different meaning altogether. She isn’t the types who would rush to your arms and shout her feelings out in the open. Contradictorily, she is the one who would come close to you, cast a sensuous glare and whisper sweet nothings in your ear in a seductive tone that could leave you charmed!