Scorpio men are mysterious, secretive, mature, wise and confident. Read this article to get details about personality and characteristics of Scorpio man.

You can either choose to love them or hate them, there is no alternative way of dealing with Scorpions. Engulfed by a mystical aura, Scorpion males are dominant individuals who are guided by tremendous energy, powerful imagination and strong intuition. They have the deadly mix of the calmness of the millpond in the superficial level and the intensity of the volcano deep within. Scorpion males are demanding individuals and are driven by the burning passion to lead from the front. They are mysterious, secretive, mature, wise and confident people. Most Scorpio men have a go-getter attitude. However, just as their strengths, Scorpions have their share of weakness as well. They are tremendously possessive and egoistical and have a temperamental nature. Also, their revengeful attribute is an exception for none. Thus, whether it is friends or enemies, a Scorpion male if offended would duly avenge his insult. To know more about the good, bad and love side of a Scorpion, the following lines would be helpful.

A. N. WilsonA. N. Wilson
(Writer & Columnist)

27 October 1950


Aaron BrownAaron Brown
(Broadcast journalist)

10 November 1948



Aaron CoplandAaron Copland
(Composer, teacher, writer)

14 November 1900

01 January 1970



Abraham FlexnerAbraham Flexner

13 November 1866

21 September 1959



Abune PaulosAbune Paulos

03 November 1935

16 August 2012



Adam PascalAdam Pascal
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25 October 1970

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Adi DaAdi Da
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03 November 1939

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Adolf von BaeyerAdolf von Baeyer

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Adolphe SaxAdolphe Sax
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07 February 1894



Adrian MitchellAdrian Mitchell

24 October 1932

20 December 2008

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30 October 1944

03 November 2015

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Alan MooreAlan Moore

18 November 1953



Alan SmithAlan Smith
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Albert CamusAlbert Camus

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Soviet Russian,Russian

Alexander AlekhineAlexander Alekhine

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Soviet Russian,Russian

Alexander BerkmanAlexander Berkman

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Soviet Russian,Russian

Alfred SisleyAlfred Sisley
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30 October 1839

29 January 1899



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Alfred WegenerAlfred Wegener

01 November 1880

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03 November 1912

16 August 2006



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12 July 2013

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03 November 1933



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Scorpio Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Even in a crowd of hundred, a Scorpion male is easily spottable. Not for his great looks or exuberance but for the obsessive passion that he oozes out! Scorpions are known to be passionate people, not just towards love and romance but in everything they lay their hands into. Thus, whether it is talking on a subject that is most dear to them, indulging in a sport, attaining the target or cosseting in a lovemaking session, it is passion that is the driving force of Scorpions! In fact, most of the decisions taken by Scorpions are due to the passion which backs their thinking and logic. As such, even if the whole world is against his thought process, a Scorpion will nonetheless go ahead with the same burning passion and intensity. Intelligent, charming, ambitious and powerful, Scorpion males have an electrifying personality that leaves everyone around them charmed and enchanted. Though they might seem to be the most unruffled and composed individuals, peep inside and you will be welcomed to smouldering flames of passion that could leave you charred! Scorpion males are born leaders and thus, love to be in charge all the time. They are guarded by a strong will power and determination which helps them emerge out successfully in each and every situation. Symbolized by the phoenix which rises from the ashes, Scorpion males also have the incredible ability to regenerate from the disastrous situation and come out victorious. Luxury and indulgence interest a Scorpion male and thus, can be seen spoiling himself in the excesses.

The Dark Side
Bowled over by the mysterious charm and passionate love of a Scorpion man? Well, the answer has to be a yes for there are just a handful (and even that is a rare possibility!) who can resist the magnetic persona of a Scorpio male. But before you get swayed away to an unknown territory of a Scorpio, just probe in a bit further into his personality to check whether you can stick up with him, even when the tides are high! Scorpion males are famous for their over possessiveness and jealously. You can’t go on a flirting spree when you are with your Scorpion boyfriend, lest he breaks the neck or hurts the ears of your male friend. Males under this sun sign are extremely possessive about their relationships and cannot stand a bare minimum chance of watching their girlfriend/wife share a joke with another man. Since Scorpions have that in-built trait of dominance and authority, it would be suicidal if you plan to take the rope of control from your Scorpio man. Remember, Scorpions are rule makers and not rule followers. They are the rebellious types who would bend and break the rules to their liking. Scorpion men are accused of being overbearing, having a short temper and being vindictive. So, do not get fooled by the warm and friendly nature of a Scorpion male. If you get on his wrong foot, be prepared to face his vengeance, for he is not the forgive-and-forget types. In fact, he is the one who would go to any extent to have his revenge. And if by chance you have met a forgiving Scorpion (chances as bleak as spotting a well in a barren inhospitable desert), he would not forget it but when he gets an opportunity, he would even the scores! So, beware!

Romance Quotient
Romancing a Scorpion is like drowning yourself in a pool of passion. Well, howsoever loud it may sound, it is a fact and the sooner you get it the better it will be. So, don’t mess with a Scorpion male unless you are very sure about him. It is very difficult to get the Scorpion in love as he is not the one who is easily impressed. Intelligence, independence and ingenuity excite a Scorpio male but the list does not end with this. He looks for a partner who is equally adventurous, talented, emotional, understanding, passionate and half as controlling as he is. So, only if you fulfil all the major conditions, you stand a chance to win his love. For rest, it is only a matter of time and the Scorpion will drift away from you looking for a compatible soul mate. With the perfect match, a scorpion male will be the most romantic lover one can ever think of. He is loyal and trustworthy and expects the same to be returned. So, no matter how much a woman feels charmed with his presence, your Scorpion guy would always remain dedicated to you. Once in love, a Scorpion male has the ability to hypnotize his lover with a magnetic charm and intense gaze that the world would seem to be a much better place to live in.

Love for a Scorpion man is life. So, don’t get fooled by his tough outer appearance. Inside the hard and robust outer shell is the tender heart which prone to getting hurt very easily. Probably, that explains the reason why a Scorpion man puts up with a tough façade. Once an understanding is built, a Scorpion guy can be the most kind, considerate, loving and selfless man in this world. Also, you will be welcomed to a warm fire that would ensure that you are never left cold again. To keep the charm of the relationship alive, never ever open yourself completely to your guy. Remember, males born under this zodiac sign love to unfold the mystery. The more mysterious he finds you, the more attracted he will be towards you and when this happens, the relationship will be strong and kicking. Expression of romance with Scorpion males is restricted to the four walls of the room. They aren’t the types who would hold your hand or kiss you in public. However, their passion and intensity of love can be felt when inside the house. They have the capability to keep the house on fire (not literally though)! In short, it would be quite a treat to be with a man which every woman desires!

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