Gemini man boasts of having multiple personality traits and characteristics. Read this article to know more about Gemini man.

Famous Gemini Men

Have you ever heard of the phrase, two sides of the same coin? If yes, then it would come in handy while you attempt to understand a Gemini guy, for guys born under this zodiac sign have dual and sometimes even multiple personalities to them. They have a mystic quality to their being which is difficult to trace from far. Only when you get close to a Gemini would you understand his different traits and characteristics. Gemini men love to make friends and gel well with almost everyone. But they have a tendency of moving over old friends to make newer ones. This is due to their constant need for discovering new and latest things. Ruled by the Twin, the conflicting energies of a Gemini male leaves his lover confused for most parts of the life. Love him or hate him for this, but that is how he is! To be with a Gemini, you need to be a free thinker, a radical person who is willing to see things from different angles. Once he finds you interested in his differential world of change, the two of you would definitely make a love connection. Remember, the more surprising and spontaneous you are, the more he will love you!

  • Aaron McGruder
    Aaron McGruder

    Famous as: Writer, Cartoonist & Public Speaker

    Born on: 29 May 1974


    Born in: Chicago

    Nationality: American

  • Aaron Sorkin
    Aaron Sorkin

    Famous as: Playwright

    Born on: 09 June 1961


    Born in: New York

    Nationality: American

  • Abdoulaye Wade
    Abdoulaye Wade

    Famous as: Politician

    Born on: 29 May 1926


    Born in: Kébémer Department

    Nationality: Senegalese

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Famous as: Economist and Philosopher

    Born on: 16 June 1723

    Died on: 17 July 1790


    Born in: Kirkcaldy, Scotland

    Nationality: Scottish, Welsh

  • Albert John Luthuli
    Albert John Luthuli

    Famous as: African Politician and the President of African National Congress (ANC)

    Born on: 04 June 1898

    Died on: 21 July 1967


    Born in: Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia

    Nationality: South African

  • Alberto Sordi
    Alberto Sordi

    Born on: 15 June 1920

    Died on: 25 February 2003


    Born in: Rome

    Nationality: Italian

  • Alexander Bain Philosopher
    Alexander Bain - Philosopher

    Born on: 11 June 1818

    Died on: 18 September 1903


    Born in: Aberdeen

    Nationality: Scottish

  • Allen Ginsberg
    Allen Ginsberg

    Famous as: Poet

    Born on: 03 June 1926

    Died on: 05 April 1997


    Born in: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Allen Iverson
    Allen Iverson

    Famous as: NBA Star

    Born on: 07 June 1975


    Born in: Hampton

    Nationality: American

  • Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Cooper

    Born on: 03 June 1967

    Born in: New York City, New York, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Andy Griffith
    Andy Griffith

    Born on: 01 June 1926

    Died on: 03 July 2012


    Born in: Mount Airy

    Nationality: American

  • Anna Hazare
    Anna Hazare

    Born on: 15 June 1937

    Born in: Ahmednagar


    Nationality: Indian

  • Audie Murphy
    Audie Murphy

    Born on: 20 June 1925

    Died on: 28 May 1971


    Born in: Kingston

    Nationality: American

  • Barry Manilow
    Barry Manilow

    Famous as: Singer

    Born on: 17 June 1943


    Born in: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Ben Jonson
    Ben Jonson

    Famous as: Dramatist, Poet & Actor

    Born on: 11 June 1572

    Died on: 06 August 1637


    Born in: Westminster, London, England

    Nationality: British

  • Benny Goodman
    Benny Goodman

    Famous as: Bandleader and clarinetist

    Born on: 30 May 1909

    Died on: 13 June 1986


    Born in: Chicago

    Nationality: American

  • Blaise Pascal
    Blaise Pascal

    Famous as: French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer and Catholic Philosopher

    Born on: 19 June 1623

    Died on: 19 August 1662


    Born in: Clermont-Ferrand,, Auvergne, France

    Nationality: French

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan

    Famous as: Musician

    Born on: 24 May 1941


    Born in: Duluth, Minnesota, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope

    Born on: 29 May 1903

    Died on: 27 July 2003


    Born in: Eltham

    Nationality: American

  • Boy George
    Boy George

    Born on: 14 June 1961

    Born in: Bexley, Kent, England


    Nationality: British

  • Brian McKnight
    Brian McKnight

    Born on: 05 June 1969

    Born in: Buffalo, New York, United States


    Nationality: American

  • Brigham Young
    Brigham Young

    Famous as: Territorial Governor, and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    Born on: 01 June 1801

    Died on: 29 August 1877


    Born in: Whitingham

    Nationality: American

  • Carl Stokes
    Carl Stokes

    Born on: 21 June 1927

    Died on: 03 April 1996


    Born in: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A

    Nationality: American

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez

    Famous as: Composer, conductor

    Born on: 13 June 1899

    Died on: 02 August 1978


    Born in: Mexico City

    Nationality: Mexican

  • Carmelo Anthony
    Carmelo Anthony

    Born on: 29 May 1984

    Born in: Brooklyn, New York


    Nationality: American

  • Charles Augustin De Coulomb
    Charles Augustin De Coulomb

    Born on: 14 June 1736

    Died on: 23 August 1806


    Born in: Angoulême, France

    Nationality: French

  • Charles Eames
    Charles Eames

    Born on: 17 June 1907

    Died on: 21 August 1978


    Born in: St. Louis, Missouri

    Nationality: American

  • Charles Gounod
    Charles Gounod

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 17 June 1818

    Died on: 18 October 1893


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Charles II
    Charles II

    Famous as: King of England, Scotland & Ireland

    Born on: 29 May 1630

    Died on: 06 February 1685


    Born in: St James's Palace

    Nationality: British

  • Charles Kingsley
    Charles Kingsley

    Born on: 12 June 1819

    Died on: 23 January 1875


    Born in: Holne, Devon, England

    Nationality: British

  • Charles. R. Drew
    Charles R. Drew

    Famous as: Surgeon

    Born on: 03 June 1904

    Died on: 01 April 1950


    Born in: Washington, D.C.

    Nationality: American

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara

    Born on: 14 June 1928

    Died on: 09 October 1967


    Born in: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

    Nationality: Argentine

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee

    Born on: 27 May 1922

    Born in: Belgravia, Westminster, London, England, UK


    Nationality: British

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    Born on: 31 May 1930

    Born in: San Francisco, California, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Cole Porter
    Cole Porter

    Famous as: Composer, Songwriter

    Born on: 09 June 1891

    Died on: 15 October 1964


    Born in: Indiana

    Nationality: American

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri

    Famous as: Poet

    Born on: 18 June 1903

    Died on: 14 September 1321


    Born in: Florence

    Nationality: Italian

  • David Rose
    David Rose

    Born on: 15 June 1910

    Died on: 23 August 1990


    Born in: London, England

    Nationality: American

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    Born on: 14 June 1946

    Born in: Queens


    Nationality: American

  • Edvard Grieg
    Edvard Grieg

    Famous as: Pianist and music composer

    Born on: 15 June 1843

    Died on: 04 September 1907


    Born in: Bergen

    Nationality: Norwegian

  • Edward Elgar
    Edward Elgar

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 02 June 1857

    Died on: 23 February 1934


    Born in: Broadheath

    Nationality: British

  • Egon Schiele
    Egon Schiele

    Born on: 12 June 1890

    Died on: 31 October 1918


    Born in: Tulln an der Donau

    Nationality: Austrian, Czech

  • Brigadier J. Enoch Powell
    Enoch Powell

    Born on: 16 June 1912

    Died on: 08 February 1998


    Born in: Birmingham

    Nationality: British

  • Eric Cantona
    Eric Cantona

    Born on: 24 May 1966

    Born in: Marseille


    Nationality: French

  • Erik Erikson
    Erik Erikson

    Born on: 15 June 1902

    Died on: 12 May 1994


    Born in: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Nationality: German, British

  • Fernando Pessoa
    Fernando Pessoa

    Born on: 13 June 1888

    Died on: 30 November 1935


    Born in: Lisbon, Portugal

    Nationality: Portuguese

  • Franco Modigliani
    Franco Modigliani

    Famous as: Economist

    Born on: 10 June 1918

    Died on: 25 September 2003


    Born in: Rome

    Nationality: Italian

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Famous as: Architect

    Born on: 08 June 1867

    Died on: 09 April 1959


    Born in: Richland Center

    Nationality: American

  • Frank Oz
    Frank Oz

    Born on: 25 May 1944

    Born in: Hereford


    Nationality: American

  • Fred Allen
    Fred Allen

    Born on: 31 May 1894

    Died on: 17 March 1956


    Born in: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Nationality: American

  • Gene Wilder
    Gene Wilder

    Born on: 11 June 1933

    Born in: Milwaukee


    Nationality: American

  • George Best
    George Best

    Born on: 22 May 1946

    Died on: 25 November 2005


    Born in: Belfast

    Nationality: British, Northern Irish

  • George Stephen
    George Stephen

    Famous as: Scots-Quebecker Banker, Railway Executive in Canada and Businessman

    Born on: 05 June 1829

    Died on: 29 November 1921


    Born in: Dufftown, Banffshire

    Nationality: Canadian, British

  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    Gilbert K. Chesterton

    Born on: 29 May 1874

    Died on: 14 June 1936


    Born in: Kensington

    Nationality: British

  • Gustav Nossal
    Gustav Nossal

    Born on: 04 June 1931

    Born in: Bad Ischl, Austria


    Nationality: Australian

  • Gyorgy Ligeti
    Gyorgy Ligeti

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 28 May 1923

    Died on: 12 June 2006


    Born in: Târna(veni

    Nationality: Austrian

  • Harlan Ellison
    Harlan Ellison

    Born on: 27 May 1934

    Born in: Cleveland


    Nationality: American

  • Harvey Fierstein
    Harvey Fierstein

    Born on: 06 June 1952

    Born in: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Harvey Milk
    Harvey Milk

    Born on: 22 May 1930

    Died on: 27 November 1978


    Born in: Woodmere

    Nationality: American

  • Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger

    Famous as: Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)

    Born on: 27 May 1923


    Born in: Germany

    Nationality: German, American

  • Henry Ossawa Tanner - American Painter
    Henry Ossawa Tanner

    Born on: 21 June 1859

    Died on: 25 May 1937


    Nationality: American

  • Herbert Alexander Simon
    Herbert Simon

    Famous as: Economist, Political scientist, sociologist, psychologist, and professor

    Born on: 15 June 1916

    Died on: 09 February 2001


    Born in: Milwaukee

    Nationality: American

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube

    Born on: 15 June 1969

    Born in: Los Angeles


    Nationality: American

  • Igor Stravinsky
    Igor Stravinsky

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 17 June 1882

    Died on: 01 January 1970


    Born in: Lomonosov

    Nationality: American

  • Isaac Albeniz
    Isaac Albeniz

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 29 May 1860

    Died on: 18 May 1909


    Born in: Camprodon

    Nationality: Spanish

  • Jack Kevorkian
    Jack Kevorkian

    Born on: 26 May 1928

    Died on: 03 June 2011


    Born in: Pontiac, Michigan, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Comedian Jackie Mason
    Jackie Mason

    Born on: 09 June 1931

    Born in: Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • James Maxwell
    James Maxwell

    Famous as: Mathematician & Physicist

    Born on: 13 June 1831

    Died on: 05 November 1879


    Born in: Edinburgh, Scotland

    Nationality: Scottish

  • Jamie Oliver
    Jamie Oliver

    Born on: 27 May 1975

    Born in: Clavering, U.K.


    Nationality: British

  • Jay Gould
    Jay Gould

    Famous as: Businessman

    Born on: 27 May 1836

    Died on: 02 December 1892


    Born in: Roxbury, New York

    Nationality: American

  • Jean-Paul Sartre
    Jean-Paul Sartre

    Famous as: Philosopher

    Born on: 21 June 1905

    Died on: 15 April 1980


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe

    Born on: 28 May 1888

    Died on: 28 March 1953


    Born in: Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

    Nationality: American

  • Joe Namath
    Joe Namath

    Famous as: American Football Quarterback

    Born on: 31 May 1943


    Born in: Beaver Falls

    Nationality: American

  • John Baldessari
    John Baldessari

    Born on: 07 June 1931

    Born in: National City, California


    Nationality: American

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham

    Famous as: Drummer of Rock Band Led Zeppelin

    Born on: 31 May 1948

    Died on: 25 September 1980


    Born in: Redditch, England, UK

    Nationality: British

  • John Harsanyi
    John C Harsanyi

    Famous as: Economist

    Born on: 29 May 1920

    Died on: 09 August 2000


    Born in: Budapest

    Nationality: Hungarian, American

  • John Cheever
    John Cheever

    Famous as: Novelist & Short Story Writer

    Born on: 27 May 1912

    Died on: 18 June 1982


    Born in: Quincy

    Nationality: American

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy

    Famous as: 35th President of the United States

    Born on: 29 May 1917

    Died on: 22 November 1963


    Born in: Brookline

    Nationality: American

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman

    Famous as: Actor

    Born on: 20 June 1952


    Born in: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S

    Nationality: American

  • John Hersey
    John Hersey

    Born on: 17 June 1914

    Died on: 24 March 1993


    Born in: Tianjin

    Nationality: American

  • John Maynard Keynes
    John Maynard Keynes

    Famous as: Economist

    Born on: 05 June 1883

    Died on: 01 January 1970


    Born in: CambridgeApril

    Nationality: British

  • John Wesley
    John Wesley

    Famous as: Anglican Cleric and Christian Theologian

    Born on: 17 June 1703

    Died on: 02 March 1791


    Born in: Epworth, Lincolnshire

    Nationality: British

  • Jose Rizal
    Jose Rizal

    Born on: 19 June 1861

    Died on: 30 December 1896


    Born in: Calamba, Laguna

    Nationality: Filipino

  • Josephine Baker
    Josephine Baker

    Famous as: Dancer

    Born on: 03 June 1906

    Died on: 12 April 1975


    Born in: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S

    Nationality: French

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long

    Born on: 02 June 1978

    Born in: Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West

    Famous as: Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer

    Born on: 08 June 1977


    Born in: Atlanta

    Nationality: American

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G

    Born on: 05 June 1956

    Born in: Seattle, Washington


    Nationality: American

  • King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland
    King James I

    Born on: 19 June 1566

    Died on: 27 March 1625


    Born in: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

    Nationality: British

  • Laurence Kerr Olivier
    Laurence Olivier

    Born on: 22 May 1907

    Died on: 11 July 1989


    Born in: Dorking, Surrey, England, UK

    Nationality: British

  • Leander Paes
    Leander Paes

    Famous as: Tennis Player

    Born on: 17 June 1973


    Born in: Kolkata, India

    Nationality: Indian

  • Lenny Kravitz
    Lenny Kravitz

    Born on: 26 May 1964

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

  • Lionel Richie
    Lionel Richie

    Famous as: Singer-Songwriter

    Born on: 20 June 1949


    Born in: Tuskegee

    Nationality: American

  • Lou Gehrig
    Lou Gehrig

    Famous as: Baseball Player

    Born on: 19 June 1903

    Died on: 02 June 1941


    Born in: Yorkville, New York City, New York

    Nationality: American

  • Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg

    Born on: 05 June 1971

    Born in: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Maurice Felix Charles Allais
    Maurice Allais

    Famous as: Economist

    Born on: 31 May 1911

    Died on: 09 October 2010


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Meister Eckhart
    Meister Eckhart

    Famous as: Philosopher, Theologian, Mystic

    Born on: 13 June 1903

    Died on: 20 August 1903


    Born in: Tambach-Dietharz

    Nationality: German

  • Michael Ancher
    Michael Ancher

    Famous as: Painter

    Born on: 09 June 1849

    Died on: 19 September 1927


    Born in: Bornholm

    Nationality: Danish

  • Mikhail Bakunin
    Mikhail Bakunin

    Born on: 30 May 1814

    Died on: 01 July 1876


    Born in: Russia

    Nationality: Soviet Russian, Russian

  • Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
    Mikhail Glinka

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 01 June 1804

    Died on: 15 February 1857


    Born in: Smolensk

    Nationality: Soviet Russian, Russian

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman

    Born on: 01 June 1937

    Born in: Memphis


    Nationality: American

  • Muammar Gaddafi
    Muammar Gaddafi

    Born on: 07 June 1942

    Died on: 20 October 2011


    Born in: Qasr Abu Hadi

    Nationality: Libyan

Gemini Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If regularity and routine is not your cup of tea, then Gemini man is the one who would best suit your desires. For rest, staying a little distant from this sun sign would be an ideal option. The word ‘change’ perfectly defines a Gemini guy. For, not a single Gemini guy is the same on two occasions or even two consecutive days. Popularly known for their multiple personality, Gemini’s have a tendency to display different traits. However, there are a few factors that remain constant with Gemini guys. Gemini men believe in sharing. So, right from money to knowledge, happiness to sadness, a Gemini would share almost everything with his associates. Most Gemini men are friendly and sociable. Interestingly, they get along well with almost everyone and have no ego issues. They love to be in crowd and are scared when lonely. A Gemini man wins the heart of his lady love with his intelligent yet witty talks. His brilliant conversational skills help him to talk his way into any opportunity or out of any tight spot. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in a party, it is the Gemini guy who infuses life and blood and makes the party enjoyable and entertaining. The best way to deal with a Gemini guy is keep the guessing game on. For, if he discovers you completely, he’ll be on for the next girl in his life!

The Dark Side
If you happen to have studied psychology, you would be well aware of the concept of dissociative identity disorder. For others, here’s a brief. Popularly known as split personality disorder or multiple personality disorder, it is a condition in which a person displays two or more split identities. Now, you may be wondering what has that to do with a Gemini guy? Well, nothing literally and everything personally. Confused? Well, the prime or foremost characteristic feature of a Gemini man is his multiple personality. He can be the sweetest person on Earth one day, but the very next day, don’t be surprised if he turns as cold as ice. So, if a Gemini guy compliments you today for your lovely voice, the next day don’t expect the same. What’s more, he can even turn into your worst critic as well. But the third day, he has the capability of winning back your love by his gentle nature so much so that you may feel like a queen. Stability, consistency and regularity are terms that stand nowhere in the dictionary of a Gemini guy. However, if you are game to his quirkiness, life can be full of interesting surprises for you. You will be waking up with a different man each day (not literally!), though the change may be for the better. The cue to deal with a Gemini man is to stay a little distant from him. Just remember, Gemini men have a personal side which they share with none, including their lover.

Romance Quotient
Before you hit the road to love with a Gemini guy, note that he isn’t one of those who would constantly comfort or reassure you. For, he is too restless or fidgety to succour anyone. Symbolized with the Twins, Gemini men are lovers of change. But that does not mean they cannot stay committed to a single relationship. Once committed, Gemini men are loyal to their lovers in a compartmentalized segment of their mind. But you need to understand that there are multiple compartments in the mind of a Gemini. As long as you are mystery that he loves to unfold, the Gemini would be interested in you. But once, he discovers that there is nothing new to you, he will be tempted to look elsewhere. Boredom and monotony also makes a Gemini guy run away from the relationship. The key to keep the Gemini man be yours forever is to never reveal everything to him. The thrill of discovering newer aspects of you would make him highly interested in you.

Intelligent and brainy woman are a turn on for Gemini men. Since they are not egoistic people, they love women who are mentally strong and receptive. A Gemini man would never mind if you defeat him at his mind games every now and then, in fact he will be thrilled at getting an intelligent partner-cum-competitor. In fact, a Gemini man always looks for a female who can match up with him and give him a tough competition. Also, a female who is as curious and excited as he is about the different aspects of life would lure a Gemini guy. While a Gemini guy does not commit soon to a relationship, once he does, he does so with complete faith and loyalty and expects the same from his partner. He is too idealistic to indulge in any sort of adultery. Once in a while, he may throw admiring glances at people but that is just about it. He wouldn’t go any further than this. But if you cast a suspicious stare at him every now and then, he might be tempted to do what didn't even think of doing before. The only way to best deal with a Gemini male is to let him have his independence and freedom. Also, assure him that you’ll be by his side always, but not get too close or dependent of him. Once this is done, he would walk a thousand miles with you without even looking back for once!