People born on February 17 have an innate drive to conquer the world. Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 17th February and also know more about their personality traits.

Famous People Born On February 17th

Those born on February 17 share the influence of their ruling planets Saturn and Uranus. Soothsayers of the past have declared that just the number of the day, 17 will bring about great fame for those born on this day. That underlying fame brings out the ambitious side of Saturn and when combined with the hard working Aquarius personality makes for a very unique person.

  • Arcangelo Corelli
    Arcangelo Corelli

    Famous as: Composer

    Died on: 08 January 1713

    Born in: Fusignano


    Nationality: Italian

    Year Of Birth: 1653

  • Chaim Potok
    Chaim Potok

    Died on: 23 July 2002

    Born in: The Bronx


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1929

  • H. L. Hunt
    H. L. Hunt

    Famous as: Businessman

    Died on: 29 November 1974

    Born in: Illinois


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1889

  • Huey Newton
    Huey P. Newton

    Died on: 22 August 1989

    Born in: Monroe


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1942

  • René Théophile Hyacinthe Laennec
    René Laennec

    Famous as: Physician

    Died on: 13 August 1826

    Born in: Quimper, France


    Nationality: French

    Year Of Birth: 1781

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 17

People born on February 17 have a good vibe about themselves and this helps them on their way to fame. Symbols of love and inner peace are attributed to these Aquarian individuals, giving them strength to handle challenges with dignity and fortitude. These individuals have strong spirit and loads of patience; they have an innate drive to conquer the world. February 17 people should be careful that fame comes with a price and keeping their feet on the ground is as important as succeeding. Some will see the need for fame as a great attribute but it can bring about an eccentric personality as well.

People born on this day have a propensity toward extreme stress. Seeking fame will come with a price and their health can be the first thing to suffer. They should take proper and healthy diet. While on that quest for fame, some will have a tendency to stay inside for long periods; making sure to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine is absolutely essential. Take extra care with feet and joints if you share February 17 as your birthday.

Financial situation of people born on this day is quite sound. With a strong frugal nature and easy sense of budget, these individuals find it simple to save money and make themselves financially secure.

An ideal career choice for people born on this day would be something that places them within the public eye; but it may happen that deep inside the longing to be private may take control and cause mental conflict.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Those born on February 17 find it difficult to find the perfect mate. These individuals remain focused and determined in their search for perfect soul mate. Their impulsive and passionate nature draw others towards them. Once they find their perfect soul mate they are loyal and committed in the relationship. However, they do not tolerate any indiscretions from their partner. Loyalty and devotion must go both ways for this Aquarius to have a happy and healthy relationship.

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