Cancer men are the shy and reserved types. Go through this article to get in-depth information about personality traits & characteristics of Cancer man.

If you come across a male who is reserved and shy, does not get into the business of others and likes to remain in his territory, be assured he belongs to the zodiac sign, Cancer. A Cancer male is usually the super-sensitive type, who comes across as a vulnerable person. It is due to this instinct that others close to him turn on their guarding shield and become protective of him. Cancer men are emotional beings. As such, they do not like to be singled out. They are most comfortable in their home space and are extremely protective of their private life. Cancer men stay true to their symbol, crab. Just like the crab, they like to take everything slowly and steadily. This is mainly because they cannot stand rejection. As such, they tread a path only when they are sure that they won’t get rejected in the process. However, dealing with a Cancer male is not at all easy as he is prone to tremendous mood swings. Nevertheless, with a little bit of extra care and love, a Cancer guy can turn out to be the perfect recipe for a partner, he is smart, he is sophisticated, he is intelligent and above all, he is the most loving and caring! To know more about a Cancer man’s positive and negative traits and his romantic tendencies, read through the following lines.

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Cancer Men Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Even after several meetings, if your Cancerian boyfriend seems to be like a mystery box not unfolded, then blame not yourself for that is the sign of a true Cancerian! It generally takes a large number of meetings to actually start judging the basic characteristic features of a Cancer male. A Cancer male may seem to be a different individual every time you meet him but don’t confuse this with the multiple personality traits of a Gemini. It is just the mood swings of a Cancer that project him as a different person in different times. He may be happy one moment, sharing witty jokes and slapstick humor at the other and at the very next moment he would turn into a sad and melancholic guy who would want all the comfort and reassurance. Just like the crab, which is the symbol for this zodiac sign, a Cancer man retreats to his shell when he is miffed or hurt and comes out only when he capable of dealing with the world again. Cancerian men are generally insecure and look for words of reassurance every now and then from their loved ones to feel secured and happy. Nothing fulfils a Cancer man more than a happy family, with himself at the helm. While most Cancerian men come across as shy, sensitive, emotional and vulnerable people, some of them may seem harsh and distant at times. But don’t mistake this as their negative trait as they project a tough outside just to hide their gentle, kind, affectionate and vulnerable feelings, lest anyone hurts or offends them!

The Dark Side
If you aren’t the person who is into words of reassurance, comfort and encouragement, then getting along with a Cancer can be a tough call. Also, if you can’t deal with mood swings then you can’t deal with Cancerians at all, for men under this zodiac sign have tremendous mood swings. They are frowning one moment, smiling the other, laughing the next and melancholic the following. Sitting beside a Cancer guy, you can never seem to judge what is running is his mind or how would he react to a particular situation or person. The unpredictability of his behaviour most of the times leaves the other person confused and irritated. Since Cancer guys are highly emotional people, they get hurt at the drop of a hat. What’s more, when hurt, they do not confide in their resentment and instead, indulge in brooding. This results in a negative outlook of life which makes them prone to depression and sadness. Another aspect that works negatively for Cancer men is their possessive nature. They are clingy to the extent that their partners often complain of lack of space or freedom. Also, Cancerians follow an indirect approach to life. As such, things which can be done almost instantly take a lot of time, making others exasperated and frustrated in the process!

Romance Quotient
Dating a Cancer guy requires you to possess loads of patience and perseverance, for he isn’t the one who would let out his feelings after a couple of meetings. In fact, it may take days and sometimes even months for a Cancer guy to come up with those three words. Blame him not for his slow and steady approach to romance as it is something he is born with. Cancer men are highly emotional, sentimental and sensitive. As such, they get hurt easily. To save themselves from the trauma of a rejection, Cancer men usually play it safe and propose a girl only when they think they would never have no for an answer. However, when in love, Cancer men are extremely loyal, caring, dependable and adaptive. They can never think of two-timing their lover and are way too serious in the relationship. But from the point of view of the lover, a Cancer man is difficult to judge as he seems to be a different person every time you meet him. He is a practical person but with ideas and dreams of fairy tale romance. This juxtaposition of reality and fantasy can be quite baffling for the potential partner.

When looking for a mate, Cancer men are dazzled by powerful women. Interestingly, women who are simple yet complex appeal to the whims and fancies of a Cancer male. Their outward simple charm and their inward complexity suit the needs of a Cancer man. He wants a woman who can make him laugh and think, and most importantly who is always by his side when he needs her. A Cancerian guy does not mind an independent soul mate but she shouldn’t be one who would give him a run for his own life! Basically homely beings, a Cancerian man strives for love and security. Once in love, his whole life revolves around it. He forms a deep attachment with his lady love and responds well to steady affection and honesty. Being around a Cancer guy, you can be assured of gifts and attention. He is the one who would not forget even the minutest details of the relationship, like the first time you guys dated, or the first time he kissed you and so on. What’s more, he would go ahead and celebrate each moment with exactly the same zeal and enthusiasm like it first happened! In true sense, romancing with a Cancerian guy is ditto to growing old with him!

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