August 28th individuals have a commonsensical disposition with a touch of generosity and sincerity. Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 28th August and also know more about their personality traits.

The planetary influence of Mercury and Sun determine the personality trait and characteristic of those born on August 28. Since born in the Virgo zodiacal group, August 28 individuals naturally have a penchant for being kind, generous and compassionate. The influence of the Sun further adds preciseness, alertness and vigilance as their characteristic traits. Sincerity coupled with sharp intuition gives these individuals an element of benefit from other fellow Virgo individuals. August 28th borns need to however control their stubborn streak so as not display inacceptable, inflexible and stern mannerism. Positively, the anger and antagonism of Virgo individuals born on August 28th is not easily roused and cools quickly. Thus, most of the times, people are receptive to their calm and composed disposition.

Charles BoyerCharles Boyer

26 August 1978

Figeac, France



Godfrey HounsfieldGodfrey Hounsfield
(Developer of X-ray computed tomography)

12 August 2004

Newark-on-Trent, United Kingdom



Jack BlackJack Black

Santa Monica



James Wong Howe James Wong Howe

12 July 1976

Taishan, Guangdong, China



Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

22 March 1832




José Eduardo dos SantosJosé Eduardo dos Santos
(President of Angola)




LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes
(Country Singer)

Jackson, Mississippi



Mercy JohnsonMercy Johnson
(Film actress)




Robertson DaviesRobertson Davies
(Author and Journalist)

02 December 1995




Shania TwainShania Twain




Tjalling C. KoopmansTjalling C. Koopmans

26 February 1985

Graveland, Netherlands



Marguerite Vivian YoungMarguerite Vivian Young

17 September 1995



Rita DoveRita Dove

Akron, Ohio, USA



Roger Tory PetersonRoger Tory Peterson

28 July 1996



Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 28

Personality traits of August 28th individuals include being strong willed and levelheaded. While the typical Virgo quality of being genuine, friendly and kind hearted comes naturally to these individuals, they are also blessed with an acute sense of confidence and independence. These people have an uncanny knack of getting things done their own way. They might listen to the advice and opinion of others but when it comes to taking a decision or forming an opinion, August 28th individuals believe in their own self. While these individuals are naturally curious and observing, they have high idealistic standards along with an intuitive mind. Another trait that makes August 28th individual unique from their counterparts is their creative nature and communication skills. Overall, these individuals are quite warmhearted in their responsiveness and good natured.

The health of individuals born on August 28th swings between being fit and unfit. This is due to the mixture of having a careful and careless attitude towards diet and exercises. These people are highly concerned about their look and appearance. For the same, they undertake every possible measure to be physically fit and strong. Though these people come over minor health complications with ease, conditions that are stress induced take a long time to recover. August 28th born natives need to include a regular workout session to re-energize their self and boost their overall vitality.

Monetary crises situation is something which is unheard of by people born on August 28th. These people are mostly blessed with a stable job and a steady income. Adding to this, chances of acquiring financial security early in life rests high for these individuals. August 28th natives are likely to gain monetary rewards from their investments in property and related profession.
Individuals born on August 28th have acumen for sound judgement and common sense. This makes them apt for pursuing a career as a professional or an entrepreneur. August 28th people excel in motivating others and managing a team of workers. Thus, these people are to make great career if they take up the managerial positions. Unlike other people, individuals with this birthday are likely to gain financial and career success early in life. As such, they retire sooner than the rest. Chances of pursuing an artistic hobby later on in life run high for them.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals born on August 28th closely guard their emotional side and do not divulge their romanticism to everyone. They seek for a partner who has similar interests and tastes and matches them intellectually as well as emotionally. August 28th natives require a partner with whom they can let go off their tight control of emotions, relax and be receptive to love and romance. They want someone with whom they can keep pace with intellectually and share all their emotions and deepest feelings. Since these people are prone to taking stress and anxiety, they need a partner with whom they can share their worries and tensions and who offers them reassurance and support. As far as parenting is concerned, these individuals make good parents but have a tendency to be pushy and assertive.

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