Famous Welsh Scientists

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 1 Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell
Famous As: Philosopher
Birthdate: May 18, 1872
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Trellech, Monmouthshire, Wales
Died: February 2, 1970

Bertrand Russell was a British polymath and Nobel laureate. His work, which is spread across various fields, has had a considerable influence on philosophy, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, linguistics, and logic. Russell is also credited with leading the revolt against idealism in Britain and is regarded as one of the founders of analytic philosophy.

 2 David Kelly

David Kelly
Famous As: Welsh Scientist and Authority on Biological Warfare
Birthdate: May 14, 1944
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Llwynypia, Glamorgan, Wales
Died: July 17, 2003

 3 Robert Recorde

Robert Recorde
Famous As: mathematician, physician, physicist, philosopher
Birthdate: 1512 AD
Birthplace: Tenby
Died: 1558 AD
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 4 Donald Davies

Donald Davies
Famous As: Computer Scientist
Birthdate: June 7, 1924
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Treorchy, Wales
Died: May 28, 2000

 5 Richard Price

Richard Price
Famous As: Philosopher
Birthdate: February 23, 1723
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Llangeinor, Wales
Died: April 19, 1791

 6 William Robert Grove

William Robert Grove
Famous As: Judge, Chemist
Birthdate: July 11, 1811
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Swansea, Wales
Died: August 1, 1896

 7 Thomas Pennant

Thomas Pennant
Famous As: Naturalist
Birthdate: June 14, 1726
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Downing, Wales
Died: December 16, 1798

Welsh naturalist Thomas Pennant is remembered for his extensive research on zoology, especially ornithology. Known for his books such as British Zoology and History of Quadrupeds, he traveled to Scotland and remote parts of Britain, writing about his expeditions in his travelogues and treatises.

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 8 John Maddox

John Maddox
Famous As: Chemist
Birthdate: November 27, 1925
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Penllergaer, Wales
Died: April 12, 2009

Theoretical chemist and physicist John Maddox is best remembered for his science writing and his 22-year stint as an editor of Nature. He was also associated with The Manchester Guardian, as its science editor. He was also a founding trustee of the charity Sense about Science, which promotes science among common people.

 9 Isaac Roberts

Isaac Roberts
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: January 27, 1829
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Groes, Wales
Died: July 17, 1904

British astronomer Isaac Roberts revolutionized astrophotography with his photographs of nebulae. The son of a farmer, he had initially also worked at a mechanical engineering firm. His work in astrophotography won him the Royal Astronomical Society’s gold medal. A crater on the Moon was later named after him.

 10 John Savage

John Savage
Famous As: Physician
Birthdate: May 28, 1932
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Newport, Wales
Died: May 13, 2003

Born to a Canadian physician in Wales, John Savage followed in his father’s footsteps to study medicine. He later gained the name "hippie doctor" for his beard and unconventional treatments. He later led the Nova Scotia Liberal Party and also became the Premier of Nova Scotia.