Famous Musicians From NA

NA has produced a number of Musicians who have made it big. These include Marvin Gaye, Henry Rollins, Duke Ellington, Ian MacKaye, JC Chasez and others.

Marvin GayeMarvin Gaye
02 April 1939, American
Singer, Musician
Henry RollinsHenry Rollins
13 February 1961, American
Musician, Actor, Writer, Radio Host

Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29 April 1899, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader

Ian MacKayeIan MacKaye
16 April 1962, American

JC ChasezJC Chasez
08 August 1976, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

Eva CassidyEva Cassidy
02 February 1963, American
Singer, Jazz musician
Tim BuckleyTim Buckley
14 February 1947, American
singer-songwriter, singer, banjoist, jazz

28 November 1979, American
Musician, Actor, Businessperson, Rapper, Singer,

Jeff BaxterJeff Baxter
13 December 1948, American
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Jorma KaukonenJorma Kaukonen
23 December 1940, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter
Oteil BurbridgeOteil Burbridge
24 August 1964, American

Tosin AbasiTosin Abasi
07 January 1983, American
Franz StahlFranz Stahl
30 October 1962, American
Musician, Guitarist

Jacqueline EmersonJacqueline Emerson
21 August 1994, American
Actor, Singer, Voice actor, Film actor, Television